• Pet owners are emulating A-listers by posting pictures of their animals on their own social media pages
  • One in three pet owners admit that they re-take pictures to get the "purr-fect" snaps – some even dress their pet up with hats, clothes and accessories
  • But some owners worry that sharing photos of their animals on social media could lead to theft of their pet

If your guilty pleasure is browsing photos of your favourite celebrities on social media, you can't have failed to spot the trend of A-listers taking snaps with their treasured pets. Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Tom Hardy – their pets are all enjoying their own celebrity status thanks to social media.

That's not forgetting the pets that have become famous on social media in the own right: Lil' Bub the cat and Marnie the dog have 1.3 and 1.9 million Instagram followers respectively! 

According to research by LV=, all these snaps of furry friends online have contributed to a rise in pet owners flooding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest with their own animal pictures.

The research found that two thirds of British pet owners regularly upload snaps of their pets online, with dog owners being the most likely to post pictures of their pooch. 

In fact, Brits are now more likely to include their pets in social media posts than celebrities, with three in 10 pictures shared online by pet owners featuring their animals, compared to an average of one in 12 for the top celebrities studied.

Not satisfied with posting a casual snap of their pet, a third of those surveyed admitted they took multiple pictures of their pet to get the right one, while around one in five have put hats on their furry friends for photos! Owners also said that glasses or sunglasses and clothes are key pet accessories.

However, this popular internet trend is causing some pet owners concern.  

Almost 30% of those surveyed said they were worried about posting pictures of their pets online, because it could lead to their animals becoming the targets of thieves. Pet theft is a very real concern – particularly if you own a pedigree breed of cat or dog. 

If you're proud of your pet and want to show them off to the world through your social petwork – but are worried about pet theft - why not take these simple precautions:

  • Don't share information online about your address
  • Make sure there's nothing distinctive in the background of your snap that could help identify where you live
  • Check to see if your pet insurance covers things like the cost of advertising and reward in case the worst should happen