• Featuring the steam-powered daddy of them all
  • The classic motorbike that broke 200mph on the Utah salt flats
  • The modern day monsters on every superbike lover’s wish list

From mid-century furniture to 90s fashion, retro is firmly atop the style agenda – and bikes are no exception. After the race replica designs that proved so popular in the 80s and 90s, modern motorbikes borrow more from the classic models than their most recent predecessors. The key difference? Beneath the retro exterior lies present-day performance.

The bikes featured below have all had an important impact on the design of the modern motorcycle, with the most iconic and aesthetic aspects often living on in bikes today. These design choices have made all these bikes significantly sought after as collectors, despite their price, age and cost to keep them insured.

Talk to any diehard biker, however, and they will likely admit to having a poster of at least one of these beauties on their bedroom walls – and not just when they were a kid!