• Speed up your sweeping
  • Get rid of carpet dents with an ice cube
  • How to get pet hair out of your carpet

Our 10-15 second spring-cleaning videos will show you some clever tricks to help speed up your chores.

Make furniture indentations in your carpet disappear


Sweep up spills without missing a spot


Get pet fur out of your carpet with ease


Dust your TV screen without leaving a smear


As well as being an ideal time to clean your home, spring also gives you a great opportunity to make an itinerary of your belongings (as you dust your way across mantelpieces and through storage cupboards) and check your home furnishings for general wear and tear.

If you uncover any hidden treasures tucked away during your spring clean, or even any scratches and marks, it may be worth checking your home insurance to find out what’s covered.

In the meantime, share your own clever spring-cleaning tips and hacks on social media using the hashtag #LVCleaningHacks.