• Game of Thrones films from locations around the world
  • New Zealand, the home of the Hobbit and Middle Earth
  • Broadchurch, filmed on Dorset’s Jurassic coastline

Game of Thrones is back on our TV screens today for season five, this got us thinking about the stunning locations the filming takes place.

We didn't stop there, we started thinking about ideas to get away, and we’ve picked out some of our top movie and TV inspired holiday destinations for 2015.

Game of Thrones

This show has become one of the most iconic and well produced for TV in a long time. It’s raised the bar in standards for location, production and acting.

The locations range from bleak wildernesses, stunning views of glaciers in Iceland to the exotic ‘King’s Landing’ in Malta for series one, now moved to Dubrovnik, and we can see why.

There are so many different locations used in the show, and here are our favourites so far.

If you’re looking for something closer to home, in Ireland they have it covered.

On location:

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

New Zealand is a beautiful natural landscape, mixed with mountains, volcanoes and hot springs, coastlines, fiords, and even rain forests too.

Although already a holiday choice for many, with the release of the movies, New Zealand embraced every aspect of it. Air New Zealand even used it in some very clever advertising.

You can take a tour around Hobbiton, check out Bag End and even the Green Dragon Inn. The filming inside the Inn was done in a studio but then they decided to make it a complete experience and made the inside look just like the movie.


It doesn’t have to be about action, adventure and being chased by hordes of Orcs.

If you like a more serious drama, with its twisty-turny storylines and BAFTA award winning cast, the Broadchurch filming location in Dorset really shows off what’s on offer.

The Jurassic coastline is used in many of the scenes with the actors shown walking on the beach, or shot from above looking down. You can stay in the holiday park overlooking the cliffs to spend your days walking where David Tennant and Olivia Coleman did.

In series two of the show, the chalet used as Tennant’s home was put up for sale, overlooking the river in its striking blue and cream colours, it’s sure to make someone very happy to own it.


Who needs a hug? Buddy the Elf brought to life by Will Ferrell in the hilarious comedy about a human, who initially thinks he’s an elf but finds out the truth!

Buddy travels from the North Pole where he lives making toys for Santa, to New York in search of his real father.

Along the way he gets into all sorts of mischief and has some really memorable quotes too like “SANTA! OH MY GOD! SANTA'S COMING! I KNOW HIM! I KNOW HIM!

Iconic buildings and locations feature throughout the movie. We get to see Buddy being chased through Central Park, visiting the Empire State building, and ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre.

Elf has scenes filmed across Manhattan and also uses some of the same locations as Ghostbusters did back in 1984!