• December is the most profitable time of year for a burglar
  • Tips include using timed lighting to suggest your home is busy
  • Don’t let your home be a victim this Christmas

Christmas time is not only the most wonderful time of the year for us, but it is an exceptionally prosperous time for burglars – with pricey presents neatly tucked under the tree and a higher chance of homeowners being out visiting family, down the pub with friends or undertaking last minute shopping, homes are a treasure trove for thieves.

Every year, increasing numbers of homes are broken into and precious valuables including gifts and electrical are stolen across the country. This Christmas, don’t be one of the unlucky ones - our LV= Home Insurance team below offer some useful tips and advice on how to protect your home over the forthcoming festive season.

1. Hide your presents

For burglars, an early Christmas Day is chancing upon a home that has a haul of presents in plain sight through the window. Spoil their Christmas by keeping your gifts out of view.

2. Keep up appearances

When away over Christmas, set up light timers to switch on at times you'd usually be in. The same technology applies to radios and TVs.

3. Be discreet online

Keep your Christmas plans discreet online – don’t tell everyone you’re about to leave the country for two weeks or that your home will be empty until the New Year. You might be able to trust your friends, but who else is reading/listening?

4. Power up carefully

We've all been guilty of it at one time, overloading sockets with plugs within plugs. Invest in surge-protected extension sockets to reduce the risk of overloading your electrics, or take out plugs that don’t require any use for the period you’re away.

5. Cooking safely

The kitchen can be busy over the festive period, be it roasting the turkey in the oven or boiling veg on the hob. Share out responsibility and ensure young children are kept away when you're at the height of the cooking/serving process.

6. Invest in security features

From CCTV cameras, to motion detectors and automatic lights, there are multiple security gadgets out there that can collectively give would-be burglars the impression that your home really is your castle.

7. Carry out checks

Ask your neighbour/friend/family member to check on your house every now and again. This way they can collect junk mail and pick up on any suspicious behaviour and duly report it. It will also help create the pretence that someone is home.

A lot of these tips are common sense and hopefully keep the burglars away from the door. Should the worse happen, make sure you’re adequately covered by taking out the most appropriate type of home insurance. Some insurers even offer an extra ten per cent cover over holiday periods!