• If you are looking for a destination that has culture and history, then look no further than Morocco, a country with majestic palaces, mouth-watering cuisine and large expanses of stunning natural landscape
  • Take the time to explore outside the popular cities to experience the best of what Morocco has to offer
  • Enjoy stunning views and the best of Moroccan hospitality at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains

Sabina from Girls vs Globe takes us through her cultural experience in Morocco.

I only spent five days in the beautiful country of Morocco, but it left a deeper imprint on my heart than most places ever will. As charming as they are, this was not because of the magical souks or colourful riads which make it a popular tourist destination - and are likely all I would have seen, had I spent the entirety of my trip in Marrakech as originally planned.

Luckily I stumbled upon the Berber Cultural Center’s website, which forced me to change my itinerary immediately. Located in the small town of Imintanoute, right at the foothills of the Atlas mountains, it promised to show its guests the best of Moroccan hospitality - and it delivered!

The centre was set up in 2005 by owner Mohamed, with the intention of introducing its visitors to the traditional Berber way of life. During my short stay, I got to bake my own bread and cook tajine - a delicious stew named after the clay pot it is cooked. I had a fully authentic hammam experience, which involved having my entire body scrubbed by a middle-aged Moroccan lady completely au naturel

I also got to climb the Atlas mountains in the early morning and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the unspoilt nature below. I took a donkey down to the well and collected water from it. I played with local stray dogs, who proved surprisingly friendly.

But most importantly, I met Mohamed, his lovely wife and two children - as well as Khalid who showed us around the area - who made my stay feel like visiting long lost friends. Located about one and a half hours by bus from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, the Berber Cultural Center is definitely well worth a visit!

I also published a video about the experience on YouTube and it has amassed over 50,000 views.

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