• 2 million people claim to have botched a DIY project in the last 5 years
  • Cost of fixing DIY blunders is in excess of £67million a year
  • DIY jobs gone wrong include plastering, electrical work and roofing

We all believe that we are handy with a hammer and screwdriver, taking it upon ourselves to do 'small, quick' jobs around the house. But when it comes to DIY, do we actually know what we are doing, or are we out of our depth and should leave it to the professionals?

A survey from LV= has concluded as much, finding that Brits are seemingly getting worse when it comes to fixing up and/or decorating their homes.

Over the last half-decade, two million people have admitted to botching a home improvement job and, consequently, one in 20 have eventually had to get a helping hand from professionals (and their home insurance) to remedy their mistakes.

Surprisingly, the poll discovered that painting remains a sticky point with wannabe DIYers, with 32 per cent of respondents confirming that their efforts in this regard have been somewhat amateurish.

Jobs that have failed to go to plan include:

  • Successfully applying sealant around a bath or shower (18 per cent)
  • Trying to tile proficiently (16 per cent)
  • Plastering (13 per cent)
  • Filling a hole or crack in the wall (12 per cent)

The collective cost of fixing all of these problems is rather remarkable, with people handing over £67 million a year in the UK to professionals. Ironically, the motivation for taking the initiative with DIY jobs is a desire to save money.

Technology has a part to play in this, as research from LV= showed that the ability to easily access online tutorial videos has given one in ten Brits a false sense of confidence that they are more than capable of taking certain jobs on themselves.

In most cases, the undertakings are relatively safe, despite homeowners lacking the nous and skills necessary for certain DIY tasks. However, this survey showed that some have had a go at attempting potentially difficult tasks.

This includes 29 per cent of Brits playing around with electrics, eight per cent taking a shot at roofing work and four per cent endeavouring to knock through a wall.

Needless to say, with such jobs – including gas, plumbing or structural work – it is vital that enthusiastic DIYers put down their tools and call in qualified experts who will not only deliver a safe job, but potentially, in the long run, save people a lot of money.