•   Have you ever considered using a dashcam in your car to record your journey?
•   With cameras for helmets for cyclists and motorbike users have always been popular, more car users are opting to purchase
•   Last year, sales of dashcams increased by over 30%. So what are the best on the market and why bother with them?
More and more of us are choosing to use a dashcam, whether it be in the car, when we are on our motorbike or for when we are cycling along busy roads. The popularity of these devices have considerably increased in the last few years to help road users, no matter what their mode of transport, feel safer out and about.
But for those of you who don’t know, what is a Dashcam? It works by recording footage of your journey on a constant loop; some more advanced models also include GPS location, speed and G force information. The footage is time and date stamped and is recorded; where in some cases could be used in the event of an incident. 
Prices vary significantly, as do the features and image quality that the Dashcam records. An entry-level Dashcam can be purchased for less than £50 and the more high-end models can retail for anything up to £300+
We have compiled a list of some of the better and more popular models and manufacturers: 

Cobra - CDR product range 
Blackvue DR750LW-2CH 
Mio - MiVue product range
Nextbase - iN-Car Cam product range
Garmin - Dash Cam product range
iPixi – Winycam product range
Transcend - DrivePro product range
Thinkware - Dash Cam product range
Roadhawk - all models in their product range
RAC - all models in their product range

With the ever increasing popularity of Dashcams new models are frequently being released and new features are being added. Image quality is also improving, the majority of Dashcams record at a resolution of 720p which is more than adequate for the purpose they are intended for, some do record at full HD but these require more memory to store the footage. The most important feature is the time and date stamping of your footage; always make sure you have set the time and date correctly. 

Once you have decided on the make and model installation is very quick and easy, you’ll be up and running in around 10 minutes, giving you peace of mind that should the worst happen you have an undoubtable witness on your side.