• Create happy memories with friends and family
  • Marvel at firework names and twirl a sparkler
  • Experience apples in a different way 

It’s November 5th - the one time of the year when you’re positively encouraged to eat a sticky toffee apple and play with sparklers. It’s official: Bonfire Night rocks!

We've all heard the story a thousand times. It's 1605 and a gang of rebellious individuals, led by the infamous Guy Fawkes, decide to blow up King James I and his government. Their plan is foiled, they're rounded up and they pay a very heavy price for treason.

Fast-forward to the modern day and their loss has become our gain. All across the country, every 5th of November (or nearest weekend to it), we gather with our loved ones to enjoy Bonfire Night.

As you ready yourself for the evening's celebration, here are some suggestions why this night is so darn good.

1. Family time

We all seem to have such busy lives nowadays, and that’s why holding a bonfire party or going along to organised event gives you the perfect excuse for a bit of family or ‘us’ time. The night itself is steeped in tradition, so why not create your own memories with your loved ones?  Collectively get the chance to remember that rubbish Catherine wheel that refused to spin or relive the experience of the rock-like jacket potatoes that mum forgot to cook for long enough. 

2. Spectacular firework names

Few things in life are as amusing as coming across a box of fireworks with names so diabolical and bombastic that they simply stupefy.

From the downright scary ‘nuclear sunrise’ to the disconcerting ‘acid rain’, the rather pun-tastic ‘James Bomb’ to the self-assured ‘just awesome’, firework labels are a curious thing to say the least. Just remember that there are people out there who come up with these names for a living.

3. Sparklers

Whatever your age, sparklers are cool. Whether writing your name in broad sweeping strokes or pretending you’re Harry Potter, swishing away with his magic wand, sparklers are a short-lived yet fun experience.

Covet those who have the extra-long sparklers or give off a special glow, or just lengthen the experience by spending ages trying to light the darned thing! Just be careful that you dispose of them correctly after use and keep away from young fingers – they stay hot for a long time afterwards.

4. Apples taste better

Apples are arguably nice at the best of times - they’re nutritional and a perfect packed lunch accompaniment. But what makes them extra special on Bonfire Night?

However, some ingenious individual decided long ago to dip them in hot, sticky, toffee or chocolate and sticky toffee apples were born. Nothing beats the feeling of crunching into one on a chilly autumn evening as a special treat (but do apologise to your teeth afterwards and give them a good brush).

Have a great night, and be sure to keep safe by following the firework code.