• Many people don’t realise that it is illegal in the UK not to use a child car seat when travelling with children under 12 or 135cm
  • Child car seats are split into groups according to the weight of the child they are designed to protect 
  • LV= want to help you choose the right option that best suits you and your child’s needs

Everyone wants to make sure their children are happy and protected, and that includes when travelling in your car. UK Law states that children must use a car seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm, whichever comes first. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that all passengers in their car are safe, and there is a fixed rate fine of £100 if you are caught, going up to £500 if it goes to court.

Therefore, it is incredibly important that you buy the right car seat for your child. There are many different factors that go into which car seat is best for your child, including;

  • Whether or not the seat will actually fit in your car
  • What are ISOFIX fittings and does your car have them?
  • The height or weight of your child

If you have your car insurance with LV=, we offer replacement child seats as standard which got us thinking – what are the best child car seats for these groups? 

Remember, not all car seats fit all cars, so it is imperative to make sure your seat fits all the cars it will be travelling in. A seat is only safe if it has been properly installed, so if you’re not sure, visit a retailer who will be able to advise which seats will fit your car, as well as help you install the seat correctly.