• Every year, the most popular children's names are published. But what about our pet names?
  • Popular films, tv programmes and bands influence the names of our new pets
  • Traditionally, we name our pets 'human names' to make them a true part of the family

Ever thought about calling your dog Ebenezer? Or your cat Edwina? How about Gollum for your rabbit? If so, then you’re in a rare crowd. Names that are a little leftfield for pets belong to a niche audience, as a new survey shows that as a nation, we’re still rather fond of classic, human names.

In recent years, Bella has grown in popularity. It was the most popular name for dogs in 2013, retaining the top spot from the previous year. Since that’s also the name of the heroine in the perennially popular Twilight franchise, it might not be a surprise that Bella was the most popular cat name as well - but with the huge film franchise having come to an end last year, it will be interesting to see whether this changes in 2014.

Meanwhile, the second most popular name was also the same for both dogs and cats. Max is one of those names that has been popular for years, and it seems like it isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon.

After the top two, the lists for dogs and cats do diverge. But there are some names that are still popular for canines and felines alike. Lucy, Charlie and Sophie all appear in both polls. The highest ranking names that only made one list are in third place - Bailey for dogs, Chloe for cats.

There hasn’t been too much movement at the top, with many names remaining popular from previous years. But there are a few up and coming names that could soon be challenging for the top spots. For example, the poll shows a marked rise in names such as Coco and Lola for dogs, while Jack, Luna and Milo are all trending upwards in the feline rankings.

Of course, there are always a few pet owners who dare to be different - step forward, the owners of Cheeto Burrito and Sir Knuckles da Dragon.