• Our recent survey revealed 40% homeowners are stressed by cost of home maintenance to-do lists
  • Problems are particularly pronounced in period properties
  • Try our interactive ‘Home MOT’ guide to help you stay on top of your home maintenance

Research has revealed the most common home maintenance issues faced by homeowners include problems with double-glazing, as well as problems with gutters and drainpipes. 
Period homes are more likely than average to cause worries. Homeowners are having to tackle problems like mould and outdated wiring as matter of course.
screen shot from the Home MOT guide - showing the hallway and landing
The stress of home maintenance appears to be taking its toll on homeowners. One in five (18%) said they lose sleep worrying about the cost of repairs (the average homeowner spends more than £1,850 a year on home maintenance). People have also said they're anxious that they don’t have the knowledge or skills to carry out DIY. 
Worse still, most people don't realise that home insurance isn't designed to cover damage caused by lack of maintenance or wear and tear. So it can be a costly mistake to ignore home maintenance issues. 
screen shot from the Home MOT guide - showing the bathroom
We can help you get to grips with your home maintenance.
To help homeowners manage their home maintenance, we've launched a free, interactive 'Home MOT' tool
The tool highlights common maintenance issues and how to spot early warning signs. There's also a calendar to help you keep track of issues throughout the year, with tips on when to make repairs.
screen shot from the Home MOT guide - showing the bedroom
We've also put together some quick and easy fixes to avoid expensive home repairs. 
1. Take a quick walk around the outside of your property. Make sure gutters are clear and look for loose roof tiles and anything leaning against exterior walls, which can lead to damp.
2. Avoid common issues like mould and condensation by making simple changes. Dry all your washing in the same room with the heating on and window open; make sure you air rooms regularly; and remember to leave saucepan lids on when cooking.
3. Regularly check grouting and sealant around your bath and shower. If it's starting to age, get the silicone gun out to prevent any water damage.
4. Stay on top of DIY around the home, including painting interior and exterior walls. If you don't have time to do it yourself, hire an affordable handyman who can get on with these jobs for you.
5. Check your plumbing and wiring periodically and have your boiler serviced every year. This could save you thousands in the long run. 
6. Create an organised folder with details of trusted local tradesmen and a record of any work you've had done - so you can quickly find help in a hurry, without it costing a fortune.
7. Start setting aside little sums of money today. Unexpected maintenance issues are bound to crop up so it's worthwhile having some savings put aside, in case you need professional help.
There you have it. Don’t put off that job you’ve meant to do for ages but never got round to.
To try out LV='s Home MOT, visit www.lv.com/homemot