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Supporting your clients' health with enhanced LV= Doctor Services

LV= Doctor Services

Second Opinion

If your client or their children have been diagnosed with a medical condition and they’ve had the results, they may still have questions around their diagnosis and the course of treatment recommended.

Our Second Opinion service is there to review a diagnosis, help clarify any unanswered questions and to help your clients understand the treatment options available. It may not mean that their diagnosis is changed, but it could help to provide reassurance that the initial diagnosis is right.

An expert specialist is specially selected for the consultation and will be chosen to best match the client’s diagnosis or medical condition.

This service is also available to everyone at claim, as long as your client holds a current personal or business protection policy with LV=.

How does it work?

If your client has access to LV= Doctor Services, they can select the Second Opinion service via the app. If your client is using the service following a protection claim, they will be given the telephone number to contact the support team at Square Health at the point of claim.

Before a consultation is confirmed, a full review of your client’s diagnoses or medical condition is required. The review will need your client to request their medical records from their GP and any specialists seen to date. Square Health can guide your client on how to do this and there may sometimes be a charge, depending on the GP surgery.

Once all the medical records are received by Square Health, your client will be offered a video or face-to-face consultation, normally within seven working days.

Why use the Second Opinion service?
  • Confirm a diagnosis – once their medical information has been reviewed, a diagnosis will be confirmed, with guidance and advice on the treatment options available.
  • Includes mental health - it’s likely the specialist will recommend a follow up face-to-face consultation with a specialist or consultant, to best treat the diagnosis and in your client's local area.
  • Reassurance – the advice and guidance can help to answer any outstanding questions, or provide reassurance that your client may have.

Claire's story about our Second Opinion service

So, for the last four or five years I've suffered with really bad chronic migraines and headaches, which has kind of been impacting my life quite substantially.

So around 70% of the time I'd broadly spend with some sort of, you know, sore head, whether it be as powerful as a migraine or you know, just maybe a background headache.

Saw about five or six different consultants, tried about eight different types of medication. It brought me to the point where Botox was then kind of suggested as something that might be able to help.

So I went ahead and had the appointment. It lasted for about an hour. It's the process of having around 35 to 40 needles input all around my head.

I know I've got my protection products with LV= and I have benefits through having those products and one of them is a Second Opinion service through Square Health. So, all in all it took a couple of weeks to do and then I was off to see a new consultant in London.

So, this consultant specialises basically in just migraines and headaches and he's renowned within the UK for the kind of the work that he's done.

It was great that they had put me in touch with someone that kind of really knew what they were talking about and really knew their stuff after going around the house quite a bit for the last four or so years. What had been an hour-long horrible process before actually took maybe six seven minutes.

He literally got me in and you know he obviously knows what he's doing and has done it, you know many a time because it was just a smooth painless free process which was completely different to the two other experiences that I had.

The initial consultation was free and Square Health meet the costs for you. If you then decide to take up any treatment with the consultant it would then be down to you to pay for that. I kind of feel that in my case it's a small price to pay to get a better quality of life.

You get to see the right person, you know, for the right condition, and actually I've seen massive improvements as a result of it, and also having a definite confirmed diagnosis which also helps. It is worthwhile getting a second opinion just to check. And you know I'm so so pleased that I did because now I've got, you know, the right treatment in place in place that's helping me that improving my quality of life but also by having that confirmed diagnosis as well.

Top treatment areas:

  • Cancer
  • Heart and Cardio-vascular
  • Hip complaints
  • Knee complaints
  • Mental health

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