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Providing your clients with confidential, expert medical advice wherever they are.

LV= Doctor Services

Your questions answered

Who is covered with LV= Doctor Services?

The policyholder/holders and their children up to age 16 (where they are the parental guardian).

Where can my client download the LV= Doctor Services app?

The LV= Doctor Service app is available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

What devices is the LV= Doctor Services app available on?

The apps works on your iPhone 6 and 7, and will also work on 6 plus and 7 plus (IOS version 8, 9 and 10) as well as android devices 4.0 and upwards.

If you don't have a compatible smartphone, you can contact Square Health on 0333 577 7105 to register for this service.

How long is this service available for?

This service is non-contractual benefit and can be changed or removed by LV= at any time.

What medical conditions are covered? Are there any medical exclusions?

There are no restrictions i.e. all medical conditions are covered including mental health illnesses.

How does LV= Doctor Services work with the NHS?

It can work as a complimentary service. For example, if your client has received a confirmed diagnosis and they want to get a second opinion, then their case will be reviewed using the medical information already available, rather than starting again.

Does LV= Doctor Services cover mental illness?

Yes, mental illness is covered with LV= Doctor Services.

How do my clients access their GP records if required for the Second Opinion service?

In the majority of cases, your client should have this information. If not, they will need to obtain a copy of their medical records from their GP and any hospitals subsequently attended. This is known as a Subject Access Request and some organisations may charge a fee for this service. Square Health will guide your clients through how to do this.

Will my client be entitled to LV= Doctor Services if they take out a second, new policy with LV=?

If my client already has a plan or policy in place with LV= and they are considering taking out a new policy, will this entitle them to the LV= Doctor Services?

As long as your client is taking out one of our personal protection policies bought through an independent financial adviser they will be eligible for the LV= Doctor Services.

Will my client incur any additional costs for using this service?

LV= Doctor Services is added onto all new personal protection policies bought through an independent financial adviser at no added cost. If your client take services outside of what LV= offer, there may be additional costs for the client to pay.

If my client cancels their policy with LV=, will they still have access to the service?

If your client cancels all of their qualifying LV= insurance policies their access to the LV= Doctor Services will end automatically.

How will my client’s personal information be shared between LV= and Square Health?

To enable your client’s to register with Square Health for LV= Doctor Services, we’ll securely pass their name, postcode and date of birth to Square Health 14 days after their policy start date.

If they do not wish to register for LV= Doctor Services, please let us know within 14 days of their policy start date and we won’t pass their details to Square Health. If they let us know after 14 days, we will ask Square Health to delete their details. If your client wants to register, once the 14 days have passed, they will be able to download the LV= Doctor Services app to their mobile device through the usual app provider. They will need to complete their personal details in the LV= Doctor Services app – name, postcode, date of birth and email address, to validate their registration and access LV= Doctor Services.

Could the results of my client's consultations affect their insurance policy and/or claim?

Will the results of any of my client’s consultations with a Square Health Doctor affect their insurance policy and/or claim with LV=

No. Square Health will not share any of the medical information held on a customer with LV=.

What happens if my client has a query around LV= Doctor Services?

If you’re client has a technical query they can contact Square Health on 0333 577 7105 or email

For any other queries you can contact LV= on 0800 756 8526 regarding our Protection products or 0800 756 8587 for our Retirement products.

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