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Information on our With-profits funds and how they perform


Principles and Practices of Financial Management

Every company offering with-profits investments has its own set of Principles and Practices of Financial Management (PPFM).

A PPFM documents a company's approach to the financial management of its with-profits investments to make sure that its customers are treated fairly. It also covers the company's high-level approach to the management of with-profits investments.

The Practices describe in greater detail how the Principles are applied:

Depending on what with-profits product your client has, or are considering investing in there are different versions of the Customer Friendly Principles and Practices of Financial Management (CFPPFM).

Flexible Guarantee Bonds and All-in-1 Bonds

The following documents are for your client if they have the following bonds with us:

  • Flexible Guarantee Bond (including Series 2)
  • Flexible Guarantee Funds
  • All-in-1 Investment Bond
  • Flexi Guarantee Plan
  • Guaranteed Capital Bond

Open the CFPPFM for All-In-1 bonds and Flexible Guarantee Bonds

Investment Linked Annuity

If your client has an investment linked annuity (also known as a Pension Income Plus Annuity), the following documents are for your client.

Open the CFPPFM for the Investment Linked Annuity

Conventional with-profits & With Profits Pension Annuity

If your client took out a conventional with-profits policy with us before 1997 or they have a With Profits Pension Annuity, this version of the guide applies to you.

Open the CFPPFM for conventional with-profits

Unitised with-profits

If your client has a unitised with-profits plan, for example a Tax Free Savings Plan or MAX, you will require this version. This is also for clients that have a with-profits Growth Bond, with-profits Income Bond or with-profits Investment Bond with us.

Open the CFPPFM for unitised with-profits

These documents apply to products we offer, or offered through intermediaries in the past. For products which your clients may have bought directly with us, please visit our direct to customer site

0800 085 0250

TextDirect: first dial 18001

8.30am - 5.30pm Monday - Friday

We will record and/or monitor calls for training and audit purposes.



Find out who to speak to when your client needs a valuation on an existing investment with us.

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Bond performance

Bond performance

See how our Flexible Guarantee Bond and Flexible Guarantee Bond Series 2 are performing.

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With profits

With Profits

Look through our yearly with-profits performance reports to keep your client up to date.

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Contact us

Contact us

Read more about where we're based and all of our contact information.

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