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Featured retirement video | Take a closer look at our Flexible Guarantee Funds

Looking to de-risk client portfolios against market volatility without sacrificing growth potential? Take a closer look at our Flexible Guarantee Funds.

Clients getting close to retirement are often more risk-averse and need a secure and cost-effective investment solution like the Flexible Guarantee Funds.

Three funds are available with varying degrees of risk: Cautious, Balanced and Managed Growth.

They are managed to our mandate by Columbia Threadneedle Investments and risk-rated by leading fund analysts – Defaqto, Dynamic Planner, and Synaptics.

They’re suited for clients with lower risk profiles and designed for a longer-term horizon (5+ years).

They help smooth out market volatility with a transparent 26 week averaging process while an optional guarantee can lock in investment gains at any time.

The wrapper charge is 15bps when Flexible Guarantee Funds make up 100% of the pension investment, or 25bps when the funds are used alongside other investments.

To find out more visit or call us on 08000 850 250.

LV= Flexible Guarantee Funds Bridge

Give your clients a smooth bridge into retirement with our signature hybrid which has the potential for growth (with optional guarantees) for a fixed period.

The LV= Flexible Guarantee Funds Bridge is a packaged hybrid solution for you and your clients to consider.

Before reaching retirement, most of your clients will feel in a position of relative stability, in employment receiving a regular income and by age 75 the chances are they’ll have a clear sense of what they want the rest of the retirement to be like and the money they’ll need to support this.

But a lot can happen during the early years of retirement and your clients need both flexibility and security during this time. The LV Flexible Guarantee Funds Bridge can give your clients a perfect bridge over this period of uncertainty. It’s been designed for those at the start of their retirement who want both flexibility and the potential for growth.

It works by investing your client’s pension pot in a SIPP wrapper provided by the LV= Flexible Transitions Account, then all you have to do is allocate your pension benefits between a hybrid of two products.

The LV= Protected Retirement Plan is our version of a Fixed Term Annuity and provides the guaranteed regular income which is paid into a SIPP bank account. Your client can choose to hold the income there to help with tax planning, transfer it into their domestic bank account or reinvest it. It even provides the flexibility for ad hoc income payments to be made.

The potential for growth is provided by a choice of three Flexible Guaranteed Funds, a cautious, balanced or managed growth option all risk rated by distribution technology. All of the funds come with investment smoothing as standard and optional capital guarantees. This signature hybrid solution can be arranged with one simple illustration and one signature-less online application which offers your client one account, one income payment date and one annual statement.

Find out more about how the LV=Flexible Guaranteed Funds bridge can give your clients the perfect bridge into retirement by speaking to your usual LV contact or by visiting

The LV= Flexible Guaranteed Funds Bridge is the simple way for you and your clients to consider, select and purchase the most popular LV= blend of retirement income solutions.

The LV= Flexible Transitions Account

Flexible Transitions Account

Welcome to the Flexible Transitions Account from LV=, offering a solution to the challenges facing clients who have multiple pensions with different providers.

It provides a cost-effective alternative to existing plans with high charges, putting the client in control of their retirement and taking advantage of the wider range of options for accessing their pension introduced by Pension Freedom and Choice.

It brings multiple pension pots into one convenient, award-winning and cost-effective plan, which provides an outstanding choice of flexible and guaranteed retirement income options.

We want to make life easy for you and your clients.

You’ll have the flexibility to move between investments and benefit options within the same account, without the need for complex internal transfers and lots of paperwork.

Giving you time to do other things.

Picking the right investment option is vitally important and the Flexible Transitions Account provides your clients with the ultimate level of flexibility over how their funds are invested; keeping pace with changing needs and circumstances.

And to support you through each stage of the process, a host of services and online tools are always available.

The Flexible Transitions account provides great value with access to low cost, high value investment funds including market leading passive and risk rated solutions.

Clients have added security with options to help provide protection against market fluctuations and provide a guaranteed income in retirement.

Our Flexible Guarantee Funds offer a built in smoothing mechanism to take away the volatility of pension investments and optional guarantees to protect against unforeseen market changes.

What’s more, our fixed term annuity, the LV= Protected Retirement Plan, can be used as a trustee investment within the Flexible Transitions Account to create additional income flexibility.

The Flexible Transitions Account provides bespoke retirement investment solutions through Discretionary Fund Management and pure SIPP investment.

And to support you provide the right information to your clients, we’ve worked together with a number of key providers of back office systems and our panel of six of the leading DFM providers.

As the largest friendly society in the UK, owned by our members and not shareholders, we can channel our energy and resources into doing what’s right for our customers – including financial professionals just like you!

Being the most trusted life insurer means that in addition to providing award-winning products we also provide the right support, training, development and technical guidance when you need it most.

If you’d like to find out more you can contact us on the details shown.

Introduction to Flexible Guarantee Investments

Investing money can be stressful, especially when faced with a range of options to consider how to fund ones retirement - it's crucial to make the right choices. Thankfully LV= is here to help. We've created a set of funds called the LV= Flexible Guarantee Investments to help take some these worries away.


I’m Jon from LV=

Investing money can be stressful for your clients.

In 2014 the Chancellor introduced the revolutionary pension freedom and choice changes, which means your clients now have access to a range of options when thinking about how they can fund their retirement.

But of course it’s crucial that you can help your client make the right choices, especially when it comes to their investments.

Thankfully, LV=’s here to help.

We’ve created a set of funds called the LV= Flexible Guarantee Investments to help take some of these worries away.

We selected leading fund managers, Columbia Threadneedle to manage these funds for us so we can help provide the potential for your clients to grow their investment, whist also offering protection from market volatility.

Let’s take a closer look…


With our Flexible Guarantee Investments, you can choose one of three risk-rated, multi-asset funds that all offer a unique average price mechanism. This helps to smooth out the peaks and troughs of short-term market uncertainties.

The smoothing process is transparent and simple – Let me show you

Your client invests in the underlying price and this is used to value their investment for the first 26 weeks. After this the smoothing mechanism kicks in so it’s now valued at the averaged price from here on.

This has the benefit of absorbing and reducing the effects of short term market volatility.

The mechanism is tried and tested – it even operated normally throughout the credit crunch!


The funds have the added benefit of an optional capital guarantee which your clients can purchase at any time.

This makes it possible to guarantee a known value at a known point in the future regardless of what happens to the stock market in the meantime.

What’s more, the guarantee can be switched on or off at any time, which means your client can lock in any existing investment growth, whilst still benefitting from any potential future increases in value.


These features may make the LV- funds the perfect choice for you and your client, especially if they’re looking for investment growth but are concerned about the impact of stock market volatility.

The three funds invest in a mixture of different assets to offer a choice of risk levels – to suit different attitudes towards investment risk.

Clients can invest in the funds through the LV= Flexible Guarantee Bond, or as part of a personal pension.

Both options feature competitive charges- including a loyalty discount which acts to reduce the annual management charge after a qualifying period.

And don’t forget, with LV= your clients also have access to our range of member benefits, including discounts on home, pet and travel insurance, and 24/7 access to our member care line.

To find out more about the LV= Flexible Guarantee Investments, please contact your usual retirement consultant, call our Retirement Desk on 08000 850250 or check out

6 December 2018 Webinar - Retirement income in a volatile market

With insights from Columbia Threadneedle Investments’ Fund Manager, Alex Lyle, this webinar examines how the Flexible Guarantee Funds can help protect your clients against potential market volatility.

  1. Download the webinar slide deck

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