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Introduction to the Large Case Team

Dave Jones, administrator within our Large Case Team describes how to qualify for, and the benefits of the Large Case team, as well as how to get into contact with them.

Video transcript

[Dave Jones, Administrator Large Case Team]

To qualify for the Large Case Team, we have two separate things we look at. We look at how much the premium is going to cost because that often reflects how much medical evidence we’re going to need to, you know, to be able to insure people. And we also look at the sum assured, how much people are asking for. So with Income Protection we look at cases £5,000 or higher just for sum assured. For Life Protection we look at cases up to £1million or higher sum assured. And Critical Illness we look at £500,000 and higher.

And the reason we do that is because we need to go out for more medical evidence, which can become more complex to get back. For example we go for medical examinations with GPs which sometimes involve an exercise ECG reading, and as a team we know that most GPs surgeries across the country won’t supply an exercise ECG. So we dig further and we go further to ensure that we can find somewhere local to the client where that can be carried out.

The benefit to the IFA and to the customer is how we proactively work. We go out our way to ensure that everything is in place at each stage of the application. So that the customer, whose time is money, can just make a call to the surgery to book the appointment, know exactly where they are, what they’ve got to do, how they’ve got to do it, and that everything is set up so that when they attend that appointment they can be sure that we’re gonna get the results back on time so that we can continue with our underwriting process.

So at the Large Case Team we work as an administration and underwriting team hand in hand and we piecemeal our underwriting as it comes in. So each piece of evidence we receive we will get checked over by underwriting so we can build a picture of the policy as it goes along the way. We can know early if we’re looking to require further information, if we’re looking to load, or we can explain that from the information we received so far there are no problems with the application it’s looking a smooth run. And that often allows confidence to get information back quicker, which perhaps we’re waiting from the client. For example if we need a financial questionnaire back and they know the application is going smoothly so far they may be more inclined to do so.

Many questions we get asked at the Large Case Team are often regarding how long something will take to come back and what are we doing to get it back. We like to set it out from the start exactly what it is we’re after and what we’re going to do to get it back. And if we find a scenario where something’s gonna take longer to come back to us to assess we’ll look at other routes to be able to get the same information that we need. We’re really reassuring to the IFAs so we say exactly how and when we’re likely to get stuff back. And when it’s not back we will go out our way to ensure that we can get it back quicker, and as I say keep the IFA and the clients informed at each step.

If anyone’s got any questions about the Large Case Team we have a dedicated email and phone number, we can be contacted at Or we can be called on 0800 6781902, where we’re always happy to answer your calls.

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