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Paul's story - 'I never thought it would happen to me'

'It'll never happen to me' is one of the biggest objections against income protection. So why not share Paul's story with your client and prove long-term sickness is very real and the financial consequences can be devastating.

Like many people, Paul assumed he was immune to ill health; he was fit and healthy and enjoyed an active lifestyle with his wife and two children. Then the unimaginable happened...

Video transcript

Title: I had protection but was fit and healthy, so cancelled it…

Paul: So in the past I've taken out Critical Illness and Income Protection, but then I suppose reality bites a little bit and you know; young family, lots of hobbies, we like nice things, renovating the house and sometimes the ends don't meet. And you kind of think to yourself, well I'm probably in the best shape of my life, you know. Hayley’s fit and well and you know, I've got this chunk of money going out of my bank every single month and for what? I'm not going to need it, so one by one you cancel them and what a shame that I did.

Title:Then the worst happened…

Paul: It was the summer of 2012 and I started to get what, what (sic) felt like a groin strain. We got a call later on in the evening from the GP that had seen us in the morning and she just said “there’s something wrong at the top of your leg. Not sure what it is yet, but just try not to weight-bear.” So I was like okay, just take it easy over the weekend.

Hayley had to take a few bits and bobs back to Debenhams in Southampton so we thought we’d take our chances, we had the crutches. We were at the crossing, lights go red, beeps come on so I’m hobbling over – the time runs out, the beeps run out so I start to speed up a little bit and I put the right hand crutch just a little bit too far ahead of me. Just at that point in time, just my own bodyweight being put back on my leg was enough to snap my bone. I was taken to Southampton General and that kind of kicked off a week of scans and tests and all of those good things.

Hayley: I suppose because we were so positive we kept thinking “oh it’s not going to be cancer, it’s not going to be cancer” and just confirming it was just hideous.

Title: The cancer was bad enough, without worrying about money…

We looked into you know, what benefits and things we would be entitled to and there’s not really a huge amount.

Title:Unfortunately, government benefits pay a lot less than people think…

Paul: It would just be life changing, and the cancer was life-changing enough.

Title:Income protection helps you carry on paying the bills, so you can focus on getting better

Hayley: What he’s been through, I wouldn't wish on anybody. It is absolutely horrific.

Title:There are more than 200 types of cancer, each with different causes, symptoms and treatments.

Hayley: And he’s had, you know, his life completely changed. He can't run, he can't play football and he doesn't moan, he just gets on with it. (Paul: I’m proud of them too. They're the real deal.) We're just thankful that he’s still here with us.

Title: Normal feels good.

Subtitle: More than 1 in 3 of us will develop cancer during our lives*

* Cancer Research UK

Paul: Back on course again, feeling good now; feeling much better now. And I think for the girls as well, we’ve got back into a routine and some sort of normality and yeah, at this point in time, normal feels good.

Title:No matter how healthy you feel today, ill health or an accident can happen to anyone – at any time.

It can be tough making ends meet – the bills don’t stop coming in just because you’re sick.

Income Protection works when you can’t: employer sick pay isn’t guaranteed and benefits are small.

Thank you to Paul and his family for sharing their story.

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