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Income Protection Enhancements video thumbnail

Income Protection Enhancements video

A short video that summarises the exciting changes we've made to our Income Protection product.

Latest Protection videos

Paul's thumbnail

Paul's story

Paul assumed he was immune to ill health; he was fit and healthy and enjoyed an active lifestyle with his wife and two children. Then the unimaginable happened...

James' story thumbnail

James' story

James shares his story of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at age 30.

Client objection handling thumbnail

Objection handling video

Chris Nicolaou shares his tips and advice on how to handle common client objections against taking out income protection, including: 'It won't happen to me".

Latest Retirement videos

LV= route to blending thumbnail

LV='s Route to blending

Watch our short and informative video which dispels the complexity surrounding blending and explains how it could be the right route for your clients.

LV= Flexible Guarantee Funds Bridge thumbnail

LV= Flexible Guarantee Funds Bridge

The LV= Flexible Guarantee Funds Bridge is a packaged hybrid solution for you and your clients to consider.

LV= Retirement Desk thumbnail

LV= Retirement Desk - Why use it?

The LV= Retirement Desk is our dedicated hotline for financial advisers and paraplanners.

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