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Help your clients grasp the importance of financial protection in just a few seconds.

Risk Reality Calculator

Tools to help you assess the financial impact

We know that what may work for one person, may not work for another and there is no one approach or product that fits all. By showing your clients the likely financial impact on their own lives, it may just give them the prompt they need to take out some financial protection.

Below are complimentary tools that can be used after their Risk Reality Calculator results are discussed to help you build a more complete picture of your client’s need for financial protection.

LV= income shortfall calculator

Use our income shortfall calculator to compare your client’s current level of income compared to what they’d be entitled to from the state if they couldn’t work because of an accident or illness. You can use this tool to demonstrate monthly and annual shortfalls – and print a report.

Visit the Income Shortfall Calculator

LV= budget planner

This is an easy way to add up all your clients’ monthly bills and treats, and very quickly it highlights just how much your client’s current lifestyle costs. Then compare this to the support that may be available from the State if they were unable to work because they were ill. What would they need to give up?

Read our budget planner guide

Interactive budget planner

Package up a protection package

The calculator gives you the opportunity to broaden your sales and tailor the combination of cover to suit your client’s budget, job or lifestyle needs.

You can ‘pick and mix’ the cover for your client using your usual multi-benefit quote portal and quickly compare the costs against the benefits selected. This will also help you to demonstrate and document that you’ve provided a holistic advice service for your client.

Adviser tip

  • The Risk Reality Calculator statistics highlight the need for your client to cover all their likely risks.
  • You can use the results from the calculator to talk through what cover is available to protect each individual aspect, step by step.

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Income Protection

Protect your clients' income if they can't work due to long term accident or sickness.

More about Income Protection

medical bag icon

Personal Sick Pay

We have one of the most comprehensive lists of conditions on the market.

More about Personal Sick Pay

LV= icon

Member benefits

Every client who takes out one of our protection products is entitled to a range of value-added benefits.

More about member benefits

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Large Case Team

If your client wants cover for more than £5,000 a month, we can offer dedicated support.

More about our Large Case Team

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