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LV= Personal Sick Pay, tailored income protection designed for riskier occupations

Personal Sick Pay

How to claim for Personal Sick Pay

When your client can't work because of a serious accident or illness, they need a provider that understands them and does everything they can to make sure their claim goes through as smoothly as possible.


  • keep your client (and you) updated as their claim progresses
  • never ask them or their doctor for information that we don't need

Claims process for our online form

Step 1: Notification of claim

  • You or your client can phone or email us to make a PSP claim.
  • We validate the policy, for example check that the premiums are up to date, if there is a waiting period or if the policy has any exclusions.
  • We send an email to your client (or you) containing a link to our online PSP claim form.
  • The form is completed online and additional information (such as medical evidence and proof of the hours worked or income earned) is uploaded and submitted to our claims team.

Step 2: We receive the completed claim form

  • Our assessment starts as soon as we receive the completed claim form and supporting evidence.
  • We’ll contact you or your client if we need more information.
  • In some cases, we may need to contact your client's doctor or other medical professional for additional medical information. This can cause delays to the assessment of the claim, and this is why we included the AMRA consent form within our claim form. By agreeing to this upfront, it means we can go directly to the necessary medical professional without having to re-contact your customer. We’ll always cover the costs of any information we need, and we’ll only ask for the information that is absolutely necessary.

Step 3: Claim decision

Once we have all the information we need, a decision is made often within the same day.

Your clients can choose to receive their money either once a week or once a month, and we’ll make our first payment to them on the next available payday. Their money is paid tax-free and goes directly into their bank account.

PSP claims process for paper forms

If your client prefers not to complete the form online, they can phone or email us to request a paper claim form pack. Please note, this will add to the time it takes us to review the claim.


The back to day one option has been designed to make sure your clients who don’t get employer sick pay get the money they need, faster. The feature could also be useful for any of your clients who don’t have an adequate financial safety net. If your client chooses Personal Sick Pay with a day one waiting period, we’ll start paying them their benefit from the first day they’re too ill to work. Your client will need to be off work for three days in a row before they claim, but we’ll backdate their pay to cover every day they’re off work. To make sure your client gets their money as soon as possible, they’ll need to contact us on the third day they’re off work. And we’ll ask for medical evidence which we’ll need before we can pay their claim. Once the claim’s been accepted they’ll receive their money either on a weekly or monthly basis (they can choose whichever they prefer) backdated to ‘day one’ as per their cover.

Because Personal Sick Pay has an own occupation definition of sickness, your client can claim providing the condition stops them from performing the main duties of their normal job. It really is that simple.

We want to help your client get back to work sooner, improving their well-being and morale. So if we’re paying a claim, your client could be eligible for rehabilitation support and advice. This could include things like physiotherapy and counselling, helping prepare your client for their return to work. Please note, this may be capped to the equivalent value of one month’s benefit.


Jules is a self-employed taxi driver and therefore isn't entitled to employer sick pay. Jules doesn’t have any savings and wants to make sure his income is protected if he couldn't work because of an accident or illness. So he decides to visit a financial adviser to discuss the insurance options available.

Jules' adviser recommends Personal Sick Pay from LV= with the day one cover option. His adviser also tells him if he made a claim, he could choose to receive his benefit weekly, as Jules is used to managing the household budget on a week-by-week basis. Six months later Jules is involved in a car accident and is diagnosed with a slipped disc. The injury stops him from working so on the third day after the accident, he phones our claims department who process the claim. We start paying Jules his benefit the following week, but backdate the payments to when he first had the accident.

Jules is off work for two weeks in total but is able to recuperate at home and concentrate on getting better. The day before returning to work Jules contacts LV= and the claim is stopped.

Claim helpline

0800 756 5869

TextDirect: first dial 18001

8.30am - 6.30pm Monday - Friday

We will record and/or monitor calls for training and audit purposes.


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