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LV= Personal Sick Pay, tailored income protection designed for riskier occupations

Personal Sick Pay

How Personal Sick Pay compares to our traditional Income Protection

Personal Sick Pay is a specialist type of income protection designed for people in riskier occupations. It’s often more affordable than traditional income protection products, as the price increases with age to reflect the increased risk of ill health as we get older.

Below are some example case studies of how Personal Sick Pay compares to Income Protection for clients in a manual job.




John’s client, Karl, is a 25-year-old electrician, who smokes and wants to protect his income against accident and sickness. Karl wants to insure £1,500 a month, up to age 60 and has enough savings for four weeks if he stopped earning. He also wants to make sure his insurance keeps up with inflation. John gets two quotes from LV=.

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Index-linked Personal Sick Pay with guaranteed future prices which is £37.93* per month (at age 25)

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  1. Karl is happy to accept the lower initial amount
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Index-linked Income Protection with guaranteed premiums, to age 60 which is £80.20* per month

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  1. Karl can’t afford £80.20*

Personal Sick Pay solution

John knows Karl can’t afford £80.20* so recommends Personal Sick Pay, and explains the fact the price will increase in the future. Karl is happy to accept for the lower initial amount, and also feels he’ll still be able to afford it in the future (after John showed him the pricing table).

*Correct as of April 2019 – quotes include waiver of premium




Claire’s client, Sam, is a 30-year-old scaffolder and wants to take out income protection and has enough savings to last a month if she can’t work. Claire knows a scaffolder is traditionally a risky occupation, so gets a quote for Personal Sick Pay from LV=. The quote is for £1,000 a month, guaranteed future prices table to age 60. The quote is £23.41** at age 30.

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  1. Claire recommends Personal Sick Pay, but Sam is worried because the price increases with age, it will be too expensive in the future.

Personal Sick Pay solution

Claire uses the future prices table to show Sam what the price will increase to:

Age 30

Age 35

Age 40

Age 45

Age 50

Age 55







Sam feels she’ll be able to afford the price in the future, and takes out Personal Sick Pay.

**Correct as of April 2019 – quotes do not include waiver of premium

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