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Liverpool Victoria Launches A Free Independent Health Assessment Tool And Lifestyle Programme To Protection Policyholders

A first in the UK Protection market

Liverpool Victoria, the UK’s largest friendly society*,has introduced a range of health management risk offers to help protection policyholders understand how they can reduce their risk of poor health and disease. The free online health assessment and adviceservice, ‘Healthy Steps’, enhances its mimi Flexible Protection Plan and is launched in partnership with independent health services specialist, roadtohealth Ltd.

This development, which is the first of its kind in the UK protection market, gives Liverpool Victoria protection policyholders real value from the start of their cover, enabling them to understand their current health status, and take actions to improve and maintain their wellbeing. All new Life, Critical Illness, Mortgage Payment Protection or Income Protection policyholders are entitled to free membership during the term of their protection policy.

What is Healthy Steps?

Healthy Steps is an interactive online service, designed to provide Liverpool Victoria policyholders with a personalised profile of their health, including their risk of suffering from heart disease and common cancers. The e-based service gives advice on how to improve health and wellbeing, and a plan to improve or manage any risks.

As members of Healthy Steps, Liverpool Victoria policyholders will receive:

  • A free online health assessment, designed to provide a personalised health profile. The assessment will provide policyholders with an individual ‘Q’ score’.
  • A written report together with an action plan aimed at maintaining and improving health and wellbeing.
  • Online access to practical information about health and wellbeing issues.
  • Regular health-oriented advice, tips, offers and e-bulletins.
  • Access to discounts from a range of health and wellbeing related products and services.
  • The opportunity to take advantage of personal face-to-face health and lifestyle screening assessments at a privileged discounted rate.
  • An individual online health record.

In certain circumstances policyholders will be referred to their GP for further investigation and help. Members of Healthy Steps can also book and pay for a range of discounted health checks at one of roadtohealth’s national venues and clinics across the UK.

What is a ‘Q score’?

During the online health assessment, Liverpool Victoria policyholders will be asked a series of health and lifestyle related questions. From this, Healthy Steps will give an indication of current health status, a summary report of health risks, together with a comparison against national averages and people with the same age, gender and race. An individual Q score will also be generated.

The Q score is an easy way to visualise how healthy an individual is by placing them in a hypothetical queue of 100 people of the same age and gender. The further from the front of the queue you are, the better the result in terms of personal health. The service will then give policyholders tips and ideas to help improve their position in the queue, setting targets for improvement and giving access to a range of tangible benefits including discounted gym and health club membership.

Peace of mind and confidentiality

Healthy Steps is a completely voluntary additional service provided by roadtohealth Ltd on behalf of Liverpool Victoria, and is entirely confidential. Results do not impact upon the underwriting of Liverpool Victoria policies, either when the policy is taken out, or during the term of the policy. The policyholder’s premiums will not be affected by their health assessment at any time. No clinical data is passed to Liverpool Victoria or to any third party organisation.

Justin Harper, Head of Intermediary Marketing Strategy at Liverpool Victoria, said: "We are keen to help consumers appreciate the variety of healthy steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of poor health and disease. By launching Healthy Steps into the UK protection market we are providing real value right at the outset for our policyholders, underlining the true benefit of protection. Healthy Steps gives something that policyholders can use and work with to improve their own health, and that they’ll hopefully enjoy too.

"Through innovative product and service enhancements like this, we are working hard to develop our business and build on our success in the protection marketplace. Healthy Steps offers unique and tangible benefits to policyholders, and we will be engaging closely with advisers over the coming months to bring the service to life."

Paul Gaudin, Group Sales Marketing Director of roadtohealth, said: "We’re delighted to be working with Liverpool Victoria to provide the online health management service for their mimi Flexible Protection Plan policyholders. By proactively offering Healthy Steps to policyholders, Liverpool Victoria is leading by example by embracing the latest developments in technology and communications to bring product innovation, expertise and services to intermediaries and consumers."

This protection product development further underlines Liverpool Victoria’s commitment to the intermediary market, following the launch of Straight Through Processing, the intelligent online processing system for mimi, in October 2006.

For more information about ‘Healthy Steps’ visit

Notes to editors:

* Association of Friendly Societies Year Book 2006-2007, Total Net Assets.

Liverpool Victoria policyholders who take out one or more protection policies through the mimi Flexible Protection Plan on or after 5th February 2007 will receive their membership card and joining instructions with their policy documents.

Healthy Steps

Healthy Steps is provided free of charge through Liverpool Victoria Life Company Limited. It is an extra service for mimi Flexible Protection Plan policyholders. The service does not form part of the contract with the customer and as such Liverpool Victoria reserves the right to withdraw the service at any time or to offer alternative services.

Liverpool Victoria ‘s Healthy Steps is provided under contract by roadtohealth a division of the healthpeoplegroup ltd and is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Liverpool Victoria Life Company Limited registered in England No. 597740, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, entered on the Financial Services Authority Register, No. 110423.

Registered address: County Gates, Bournemouth BH1 2NF. Tel: 01202 292333. 64782 01/07.

Liverpool Victoria
mimi Flexible Protection Plan

mimi is a comprehensive protection plan.  It gives clients the option to alter their type, term and level of cover if and when their protection needs change, allowing them to safeguard their future and that of their family.  Some changes may be subject to underwriting

Depending on the component(s) chosen, mimi can pay:

  • a lump sum if a client dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • a lump sum if a client suffers a defined critical illness/condition or becomes permanently and totally disabled
  • a monthly amount to meet mortgage payments if a client is unable to work because of illness or accident or becomes involuntarily unemployed
  • a regular monthly income if a client becomes incapacitated because of illness or accident.

Waiver of Premium is also available as an option.

Liverpool Victoria’s new end-to-end straight-through-processing (STP) system allows mimi business to be processed quicker, with full flexibility and control. 

Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, formed in 1843, is the UK’s largest Friendly Society. The Liverpool Victoria group of companies has more than 2.5 million members and customers, who trust us to manage approximately £7.4 billion on their behalf. The Liverpool Victoria group of companies provides a broad range of financial services, including life assurance, general insurance, asset management, banking services, and financial planning advice, and is still the only friendly society to own a bank. As a mutual organisation, owned by its members and with no shareholders, and therefore no dividends to pay, Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society can use all profits to the advantage of members in terms of competitive rates, terms of cover, investment performance and service.

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