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Thought Leadership

How long might your client be unable to work? The evolution of contemporary IP

Published in Cover magazine Industry Voice on 28 August 2019.

‘The claim is our core product, not the policy’ says Tom Baigrie. He’s right; it’s the ‘moment of truth’. It’s when that distant conversation, a document that’s probably lain forgotten in a drawer and the regular direct debit amount listed on the bank statement, suddenly kick in to life and hit home.

Moneyfacts - Mortgage Protection

Published in Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts, issue 275, September 2019

You might remember Blockbusters – the 80’s kids quiz programme, hosted by Bob Holness. We sniggered at the cheeky pun of an answer beginning with the letter ‘p’. But it got me thinking. If ‘P’ were to stand for protection… there wouldn’t be any sniggering, or much interest.

Retirement Income Challenge

We commissioned Abraham Okusanya, founder of research consultancy FinalytiQ to explore and challenge existing retirement income planning, in particular the safety-first and the probability-based approaches. The report examines:

  1. The Retirement Income Challenge - how have you changed your approach to retirement clients since Pension Freedom and Choice?
  2. Probability-driven vs Safety-first - Understanding the options and choosing the right approach to match individual client needs
  3. What is a sustainable and safe withdrawal rate?
  4. The importance of using the right tools for your retirement income advice
  5. Helping to reduce the risk of ruin

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