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Thought Leadership

Mental health and wellbeing has taken on a new dimension – how are we responding?

Debbie Kennedy, May 2020

During this time of heightened uncertainty and anxiety driven by the COVID pandemic, it’s never been more important to look after our mental health. As an industry, there's still work to do in addressing the obstacles that people feel when talking about mental health issues and, here, Debbie offers an update about how we are responding and supporting customers in the current crisis.

Financial resilience and the art of selling

September 2019

A lot of progress has been made professionalising the advice sector with qualifications, examinations and CPD. But we know that people don’t buy based on facts and logic, they buy through emotion – too often we forget that. Selling is an integral ingredient to financial planning, and an absolute essential when it comes to protection and the financial resilience of your clients.

'Can I have a 'p' please, Bob?' - Mortgage advice and protection conversations

Published in Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts, issue 275, September 2019

You might remember Blockbusters – the 80’s kids quiz programme, hosted by Bob Holness. We sniggered at the cheeky pun of an answer beginning with the letter ‘p’. But it got me thinking. If ‘P’ were to stand for protection… there wouldn’t be any sniggering, or much interest.

What is your client’s most valuable asset?

August 2019

Many of your clients might consider their most valuable asset to be their house, car, maybe their pension savings or the prospect of an inheritance. But like most, they’ll overlook the obvious – themselves and their ability to earn.

How long might your client be unable to work? The evolution of contemporary IP

Published in Cover magazine Industry Voice on 28 August 2019.

‘The claim is our core product, not the policy’ says Tom Baigrie. He’s right; it’s the ‘moment of truth’. It’s when that distant conversation, a document that’s probably lain forgotten in a drawer and the regular direct debit amount listed on the bank statement, suddenly kick in to life and hit home.

Fixed term annuities – a safe haven?

April 2020

The huge stock markets falls of the past weeks and the on-going volatility that looks to be here for some time to come have worried many savers who are either approaching retirement, or drawing an income from their pension fund. Are fixed term annuities the safe haven they’re looking for?

Judgement day – helping protect client investments

November 2019

Whilst dealing with market volatility isn’t new, considering how it might impact customers in a post pension freedoms world is. This is unchartered territory for us all – clients, advisers and providers. For clients in the crucial years nearing or in retirement, it is increasingly important that we as an industry meet this challenge by providing innovative solutions and resilient investment strategies.

Finding the value in the pension consolidation opportunity

September 2019

The need for effective consolidation of pension pots is greater than ever. But only by targeting value at every stage of the consolidation process can advisers provide clients with the valuable service they need, explains LV=.

Smoothing the glide path into retirement

July 2019

Whilst retirement is no longer a ‘cliff-edge’ moment and is now often described as a ‘glide path’ towards life after work, there will still be a point when investors need to start drawing a retirement income from their pension pot.

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