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Pension Freedoms

How have consumers reacted to the Pension Freedoms?
Do they understand the choices and risks they now face?
What does it mean for your business? Find out more in this section.

Latest documents

Retirement Outcomes Review - Summary

The Retirement Outcomes Review by the FCA has looked into how consumers have responded to pension freedoms.

We’ve summarised this lengthy report from the FCA into a quick summary of the things you need to know.

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Retirement Outcomes Review - At a glance

The Retirement Outcomes Review by the FCA has looked into how consumers have responded to pension freedoms.

Take a look at this quick summary of what it means for your business, the possible benefits, and how LV= can help you make the most of the opportunities.

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Briefing summary

We’ve summarised the lengthy and complex regulatory papers into simple summary documents to highlight the key issues you need to know about

At a glance

A quick guide to help you understand what the regulations mean for your business, what you need to do, and how LV= can help

Topical news

Signposting the most relevant news stories from across the trade press


Simple and easy-to-read guidance papers on the technical issues

Thought leadership

Research and thought leadership papers from LV= on the key topical issues

Latest news

Income drawdown sales look set to outstrip last year by more than 10 per cent.October 24, 2017

Pension freedoms mean that clients don’t need to make a binary decision between annuity or drawdown. A fixed term annuity can provide a valuable alternative in the retirement income planning process. Find out more

Increased popularity of drawdown means an increased number of people taking on investment risk with their retirement funds. The LV= Flexible Guarantee Funds offer potential for investment growth, together with smoothed investment returns and optional guarantee.
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The House of Work and Pensions Select Committee launches inquiry into pension freedoms

The Pensions Select Committee are looking to investigate whether the reforms are delivering better retirement outcomes for consumers

We’ll issue a summary of their findings and what they mean for you and your clients – coming soon

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The case for consolidation

Addressing the ‘consumer complacency’ challenge – helping you build awareness of the potential advantages of pension consolidation for your new and existing clients.

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The value of advice

Working together to help consumers understand the value of financial advice, and grow your business

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