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Income Protection

Why choose us for Income Protection

Our aim is simple; to make sure your advice stands out and that we're easy to recommend to your clients.

As a leading specialist in Income Protection, we offer a range of products to help protect your clients' income, which allows you to tailor the product you recommend by age, lifestyle, budget or occupation. And, we also have plenty more reasons why you should choose LV= from the services we offer, to the added benefits we include at no added cost.


We are delighted to add Moneyfacts' Best Income Protection Provider for the tenth year running, to our collection.

Being recognised as the best provider with the best income Protection, we would like to thank you for your support. And of course, this also gives you another reason to recommend LV= to your clients.

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Strong claims performance

Making sure your client has a successful claim is as important to your client as it is to you. Your clients get vital financial help when they need it most and you feel confident in the provider you recommended.

Here at LV=, we offer a clear and fair approach to paying claims, as we believe anyone can be affected by long-term illness - regardless of age or lifestyle. Take a look at our full 2019 claims performance.

Claim summary 2019

Income Protection

Total value of claims paid


Average claim payment (total)


Highest claim payment (total)


Policy in force duration

7 yrs 5 mths

Getting a claim paid isn't a question of chance!

It's important to recommend a provider you can trust to pay out when your client really needs it. We're proud of our claims performance...

93%* of Income Protection claims were paid in 2019

...with an average total payment across all new Income Protection claims of £7,033.

* 93% Income Protections claims paid (includes new claims admitted in 2019 and those already being paid before 1 January 2019 that continued to be paid in 2019) 81% Income Protection for new claims admitted in 2019. Personal Sick Pay claims are not included.

** The figure of £14.2 million represents new claims paid in 2019 of £2.1million, and £12.1 million for existing claims (these are claims we had started paying before 2019 and continued to pay during 2019).

Examples of Income protection claims we paid in 2019


Age: 25
Occupation: Care Worker

  1. Reason for claim: Degenerative eye condition
  2. Monthly benefit: £523 per month
  3. Claim length: 1 year 3 months (ongoing)

Age: 44
Occupation: Accountant

  1. Reason for claim: Stroke
  2. Monthly benefit: £1,500
  3. Claim length: 1 year 8 months
  4. Total payment: £14,406

Age: 62
Occupation: Solicitor

  1. Reason for claim: Dementia
  2. Monthly benefit: £3,542
  3. Claim length: 1 year 1 month (ongoing)

* These are real claims we’ve paid in 2019, however the names are for illustrative purposes to protect the identity of our customers.

Make added value benefits count with your clients

Your clients have many value-added benefits included with their policy which they can benefit from during the life of their policy. This helps illustrate the true value of Income Protection.

To help your clients see the benefit, it's probably worth reminding them what's included with their protection cover. That way, they're more likely to a) use the benefits and b) value their cover.

LV= Doctor Services

Your clients will have access to 6 expert medical advice services through one handy app or phone call, wherever they are.

  • Remote GP - Speak to a UK doctor to talk through any health or medical concerns by video or phone consultation.
  • Prescription Services - Get a private prescription without the need for your client to visit their local GP.
  • Second Opinion - Check a diagnosis and get advice on treatment options with a UK medical specialist by video or face to face consultation.
  • Remote Physiotherapy - Get five free sessions with a trained UK physiotherapist and receive a bespoke treatment plan through video consultations.
  • Remote Psychological Support - Get access to five free sessions of mental health support including counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy from a network of highly trained therapists.
  • Discounted health MOTs - Benefit from 25% off health MOTs - a service that provides and assessment of overall health, identifying any risk and areas of improvement.

Find out more about LV= Doctors Services

Member Benefits

Every client who is covered by one of our personal or business protection and retirement products automatically becomes a member of LV=. This means they're entitled to a range of added benefits and support.

These include free and unlimited access to our 24/7 confidential member helpline and discounts on a number of LV= insurance products.

Our LV= member helpline gives you 24/7 access to:

  1. health advice
  2. counselling services
  3. legal advice

Find out more about our member benefits

Rehabilitation support


We want to help customers get back to full health as quickly as possible, improving their wellbeing and morale. To aid their recovery we can offer services including physiotherapy, psychological support and return to work services.

Our rehab support services are available during the waiting period if your client has an Income Protection policy, helping clients realise the true value of their policy. Our rehab support services might be capped at three times the monthly benefit per individual claim.

If your client has Personal Sick Pay they will be eligible for back to work support if we're paying a claim. This may be capped to the equivalent value of one month's benefit.

If your client knows they’ll be making a claim and the claim is going to impact their working life, providing the client tells us before making the claim, we can offer our early intervention service. This will allow us to help your clients get back to work. The longer your client is off work, the greater the obstacles to return to work and the more difficult vocational rehabilitation becomes.


Flexible Protection Plan

Why not add Life cover or Critical Illness to your client's plan for a wider protection portfolio?

More about Flexible Protection Plan


Tools and Calculators

Everything you need to support your Income Protection recommendations.

Income Protection tools and support

Medical bag icon

Personal Sick Pay

Income protection for clients in riskier jobs who can be more expensive to insure.

More on Personal Sick Pay


Large Case Team

If your client wants cover for more than £5,000 a month, we can offer dedicated support.

More about our Large Case Team

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