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Income Protection

Personal Sick Pay

Personal Sick Pay* is our specialist Income Protection aimed at clients in riskier jobs who can be more expensive to insure, such as tradespeople, nurses, electricians and construction workers.

Personal Sick Pay has a number of unique features tailored for clients with these types of occupations:

  • Age costed premiums
  • Own occupation** definition of sickness
  • Personal Sick Pay £1,000 guarantee
  1. Your client can cover 60% of their earnings
  2. Weekly or monthly claim benefit payment
  3. Part of the LV= Flexible Protection Plan

* To apply, your client needs to have been registered with a GP and lived in the UK for at least the last two continuous years, immediately before they take the policy out.

** This policy doesn’t cover being unable to work for any other reason apart from sickness or as a result of an accident (for example unemployment, bereavement, a normal pregnancy, or because of restricted access to work as a result of a lockdown, quarantine or periods of mandatory or precautionary isolation). For homemakers being unable to work means being too unwell to prepare a meal or do basic housework.

Cover options

Personal Sick Pay product has a number of options to suit your client's needs as shown below.

Level Cover


A fixed amount of cover that won’t change and won’t keep up with inflation

Inflation-Linked Cover


The amount of cover will go up in line with inflation, we will then re-calculate the premium to match the new amount of cover*.

Budget Personal Sick Pay


We have a more affordable option for clients with a shorter claim period of 24 months.

Waiting periods


We offer different options to suit your client, from day 1** through to 1**, 4, 8, 13, 26 or 52 weeks.

*The premium will increase in line with inflation.

**Your clients that are self-employed currently won't be able to take out a policy with a day one or one week waiting period. It's possible that we may restrict waiting periods for other people depending on their personal circumstances.

Price Tables

Our Personal Sick Pay offers a choice of guaranteed or reviewable future prices. For a copy of our future prices tables, contact your account manager, call 0800 0324 219 or email [email protected].

Guaranteed Future Prices

If your client's insurance has guaranteed future prices, then the price they'll pay in the future for each £1 of Personal Sick Pay is guaranteed to go up each year at the rate set out in the Guaranteed Future Price table.

If your clients choose guaranteed future prices, the insurance will cost a bit more to begin with, but they'll know exactly what it will cost in the future and we can’t change what is set out in the table.

Reviewable Future Prices

If your client's insurance has reviewable future prices, then the price they'll pay in the future for each £1 of Personal Sick Pay is guaranteed to go up each year at the rate set out in the Reviewable Future Price table for the first 5 years.

After that, we’ll review the prices in the table every 5 years and the amounts quoted in the table could change (either up or down).

Product profile

A summary of the relevant product information about Personal Sick Pay and Waiver of Premium, in accordance with the Insurance Distribution Directive.

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