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NHS Sick pay guarantee

We’ve made it easier for you to recommend Income Protection to your clients who are doctors, surgeons and dentists with the LV= NHS sick pay guarantee.

Unlike other sick pay guarantees in the market, you don’t have to be employed directly by the NHS to be eligible. This means clients working in occupations covered by NHS sick pay but not directly employed by the NHS can also be covered, like GP’s.

Under our guarantees, as long as your client chooses a 12 month waiting period we’ll pay out to fit alongside their sick pay arrangements. This helps reduce the premium by removing the need for complex split waiting periods, removes the risk of over and under insurance and ensures your client gets their money when they need it.

This sick pay guarantee only applies to the income your client earns from the occupation that is covered by NHS sick pay. Any other income your clients receives which doesn't entitle them to NHS sick pay is not covered within this sick pay guarantee.

Length of NHS service

LV= Sick Pay Guarantee 50% of monthly benefit after...

LV= Sick Pay Guarantee 100% of monthly benefit after...

During the first year of service

1 Month

3 months

Second year of service

2 months

4 months

Third year of service

4 months

8 months

During the fourth and fifth year of service

5 months

10 months

After completing five years service

6 months

12 months

Client Scenario

Here's an example of how the NHS Sick Pay Guarantee works:

Male icon of a doctor

Raj has worked as an NHS doctor for four years and is earning £60,000 per annum. His adviser picks the full 60% of pre-tax income allowed £36,000 / £3,000 per month as his income protection benefit, with a 12 month waiting period.

For the first five months he gets his sick pay from the NHS (100% of his post-tax income). Then for the next five months he gets 50% of his post-tax income (half pay from the NHS) plus 50% of his LV= Income Protection benefit (£1500).

Although it’s more than the 60% of the income limit allowed (£1,500), we don’t make deductions for the continuing sick pay that he is receiving from the NHS. After ten months, Raj’s NHS sick pay stops and we’ll pay him 100% of his Income Protection benefit, £3,000 a month.

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