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Income Protection: Fracture cover

X-ray showing a fractured leg

Fracture cover is automatically included with our FPP Income Protection policy. Unlike some other products in the market, fracture cover isn’t an ‘optional extra’ (or separate policy) and clients don’t have to pay a separate premium.

We’ll pay your client a lump sum if they’re diagnosed with a specific bone fracture. There’s no waiting period and clients can spend the money on whatever’s important to them, although they might use it to cover a shortfall in income or pay expenses associated with their injury.

The amount we'll pay depends on the type of fracture

  • Closed fracture of the skull £1,250
  • Fracture of the cheekbone £1,000
  • Fracture of the shoulder blade £1,000
  • Fracture of one or more ribs £650
  • Fracture of the pelvis £1,250
  • Fracture of the wrist £1,000
  • Fracture of the upper leg £2,200
  • Fracture of the lower leg £1,250
  • Fracture of the ankle £1,250
Skeleton showing the fractures covered with our Income Protection
  • Open fracture of the skull £2,200
  • Fracture of the jaw £1,000
  • Fracture of the collar bone £650
  • Fracture of the sternum £1,000
  • Fracture of the vertebra £1,000
  • Fracture of the arm £1,250
  • Fracture of the hand (excluding fingers and thumbs) £1,000
  • Fracture of the knee £2,200
  • Fracture of the foot (excluding toes) £1,000

Our fracture cover is paid in addition to any usual amount your client receives as part of an Income Protection claim. If your client is diagnosed with more than one fracture at the same time, we’ll pay for the fracture with the highest amount of fracture cover. We’ll only pay for one fracture diagnosed within a 12 month period, not all fractures are covered and certain exclusions apply. Please refer to the Policy Conditions for more information.

Client Scenario

An example of how our fracture cover works

Icon of a lady

Jamie took out LV= FPP Income Protection last year (with a two month waiting period), she was involved in an accident and broke her leg (fracture of the upper leg).

Jamie makes a fracture cover claim a week after surgery and we pay her a £2,200 lump sum. We then start paying the monthly income protection claim amount after her two month waiting period.

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