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Income Protection cover limits

Monthly Benefit for LV= Income Protection


Minimum cover


Maximum cover (Level)


Maximum cover (Index linked)


Minimum premium


At LV=, we will cover up to a maximum of 60% of a client’s gross income.

We’ll normally take into account the last 12 months income when working out the maximum benefit we can pay clients. However, we understand self-employed income can fluctuate and as a result there will be circumstances where we may consider averaging income over a longer period of up to 36 months. This will need to be requested by clients when they claim.

Client Scenario

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Phillip earns £50,000pa and is looking to protect his income with Income Protection. At LV=, we will cover up to 60% of his gross annual income.

60% of £50,000 = £30,000pa or £2,500 a month of cover.

If your client makes a claim:

We’ll check to make sure that the amount we’re paying them is no more than 60% of their monthly income before the claim. We will also take into account the following payments:

  1. Payments from any other sickness or accident insurance your client is claiming.
  2. 60% of any sickness benefit or retirement payments
  3. 60% of any continuing income (including pension payments that have started since being unable to work)

We've designed our Income Protection so your client's cover can adapt as their life goes on.

  1. If your client's income drops and their cover is over the 60% we'll pay of their income, we'll ignore up to 10% of the over-insurance.
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