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Guaranteed income drawdown using the LV= Retirement Account

Providing your clients with certainty in an uncertain world without locking them into an inflexible lifetime income

The need for guarantees

It may sound like a cliché, but it really is true that we are living in uncertain times. Having left the EU, the UK is in unchartered water, and the impact of the Corona Virus demonstrates that unexpected events out of our control can have a massive impact on the UK economy. Uncertainty is a significant threat to retirement planning. Uncertainty brings volatility which in retirement can significantly increase the chances of a client outliving their funds.

Traditionally the solution has been to provide a lifetime income via an annuity. More recently guaranteed drawdown products have combined lifetime income under drawdown wrappers. At LV= we believe there is a more bespoke and cost effective way to provide certainty and flexibility for your clients. This is achieved using the LV= Retirement Account to provide a guaranteed income for a period of time which is appropriate for the client. LV= Retirement Account is a modern solution for today’s modern, unpredictable world.

LV= Retirement Account

The LV= Retirement Account makes it possible for you to offer your clients the precise combination of security and flexibility to meet their individual changing needs, now and in the future.

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Main features

  • One combined illustration for income and capital growth
  • One signatureless online application
  • Can incorporate several investment funds together with secure guaranteed income or flexi-access drawdown

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