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Flexible Guarantee Bond Series 3

Suitability Letter Builder

We have provided the following paragraphs to help you create suitability letters for your clients. Suitability letters must be personalised and specific to individual clients. These paragraphs are designed to help you substantiate your recommendation of the Flexible Guarantee Bond Series 3. They are not intended to form the whole of the suitability letter

Please note that, before using these paragraphs, or similar text, you must ensure compliance from your own compliance department to use these paragraphs, and with the appropriate regulations. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information, LV= cannot accept liability resulting from its use.

These paragraphs are suitable for UK residents only.

Create a suitability letter


Tips for using our letter builder

A good suitability letter is:

  • your opportunity to justify and reinforce the reasons for your advice and recommendations
  • an excellent opportunity to document unmet and future needs and the importance of on-going review discussions
  • your record of the discussions held and the recommendations made/not made and why.

It should be clear, fair and not misleading. It should be personal, explain the reasons why a recommendation has been made and how it meets the customers’ needs and objectives. It should highlight any risks involved.

We’ve produced a range of template paragraphs that are designed to describe generic features of each type of policy, as well as the specific benefits of our own products. You can use and adapt these paragraphs to help construct your own suitability letters.

LV= has taken care to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of issue but does not accept liability resulting from your use of it.

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