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Product profile for Family Income Assurance

Read below a summary of the relevant product information about Family Income Assurance, in accordance with the Insurance Distribution Directive. Designed to help you make an informed decision and comparison for your client, we set out the product’s target market, distribution strategy, suitability, main features, risks, options and costs.

This information is also available in downloadable pdf format.

This is only a summary of the product features. For more information please read the Policy Summary and Plan Conditions.

This product is aimed at clients who have dependants who would suffer financially in the event of their death or diagnosis of a terminal Illness. It provides regular payments until the end of the plan term that are not subject to income or capital gains tax. It’s particularly useful for people who have financial commitments (such as regular loan repayments) that their dependents would still be liable for if they died.

For clients with children they may want to ensure a regular income to help look after their children after their death.

It’s primarily aimed at clients who wish to cover their own financial commitments, however clients can take out a plan on a life of another basis, providing they have an insurable interest in the person being insured.

To ensure your clients receive the right level of protection, we believe this product should be sold on an advised basis, face to face or over the phone.

It’s important to regularly review your client's circumstances and protection needs to make sure their cover is appropriate.

On death during the plan term, the product pays an income every three months until the end of the term (can convert at claim to a reduced lump sum).

  1. Terminal illness cover is included at no extra cost
  2. Level or inflation-linked cover
  3. Guaranteed premiums
  4. Waiver of premium option
  1. We won't pay a claim if your client dies as a result of intentionally taking their own life in the first 12 months of the plan
  2. We won't pay a terminal illness claim in the last 12 months of the plan
  3. This plan is not suitable for clients who want to cover themselves against a critical illness or protect their income should they be unable to work due to accident and sickness
  1. There is no cash in value at any time
  2. if your client stops paying their premiums, their cover may cease
  3. if your client chooses level cover, it won't keep up with inflation and could buy less in the future
  • The minimum term is 4 years and maximum term 45 years. The plan must end before the any person insured reaches the age of 90 (for level cover) or age 65 (for inflation-linked cover).
  • Clients can choose to take out a plan on a single or joint life basis
  • On a joint life basis, the plan will only pay out once, on the first death and will then end
  • If your client is insuring someone else an insurable interest must exist at the start of the plan. A spouse or civil partner is automatically assumed to have an insurable interest.

To apply clients must be:

  1. Permanently living in the UK
  2. Aged between 17 and 79 (for level cover)
  3. Aged between 17 and 60 (for inflation-linked cover)

Member benefits: By taking out this product your client will also agree to become a member of Liverpool Victoria Financial Services Limited (LV=). As LV= is a mutual we are owned by our members, which means our members have a say on how the company is run. Our members also get access to a range of benefits including a Member Care Line which offers counselling, medical advice and legal advice, as well as discounts on General Insurance products offered by LV= General Insurance Group, a subsidiary of Allianz Holdings plc. To see the full range of benefits, and any conditions that apply, visit Member benefits are non-contractual and can be changed or removed at any time.

LV= Doctor Services: All new plan holders have access to a number of app-based medical services and advice, at no added cost. These include virtual GP consultations, prescription and second opinion services. These benefits are non-contractual and can be changed or removed at any time, and conditions apply. For more details visit

Waiver of Premium: Your client can add waiver of premium when they take out their plan. This will pay the premiums for their plan on their behalf if they’re unable to work due to sickness or an accident for more than 26 weeks. More details can be found in the Family Income Assurance Plan Conditions.

The plan premium also includes a fee, which is a fixed monthly amount, to cover administration and support costs.

LV= Doctor Services is provided by Square Health Limited. This service is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or Prudential Regulation Authority.

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TextDirect: first dial 18001

9.00am - 4.30pm Monday - Friday

Calls will be recorded and may be monitored for training and audit purposes


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