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An orchestra of protection

Our Critical Illness cover has more than one string to its bow

Life and Critical Illness

James' Critical Illness customer story

James was 30 years’ old when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He talks to us about how his life has changed and the huge difference having critical illness cover, made to his new life. He also talks about how simple it was to make a claim and his surprise when we told him how much money he was getting.

James was eligible for our enhanced neurological payment feature because he was diagnosed under the age of 45. Find out more about our enhanced claim payments.

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James' story

Watch James' video about when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at the age of 30.

Video transcript

I thought I was fit, healthy, you know – and I was. I was fit and healthy and it just came on.

I never thought it would happen to me and it did, so anybody who’s young who’s thinking about it, for the money that you’d be paying out, if something did happen it will save you.

I woke up, came to do my breakfast and I passed out. So I went to the hospital and they did a scan and they said everything seems normal, you’re fine.

For the past couple of years I’d had a bit of a tremor in my hand and I always thought it was low blood sugar as I always eat a lot, but no matter how much I ate I kept feeling hungry and the tremor didn’t stop and I thought that on top of falling over, I thought there was something that wasn’t quite right. So I went to the doctors and the doctor said there’s nothing wrong.

So I went back to the doctor and they said ok, go and see a neurologist.

So I went to the neurologist and within five minutes of him sitting and speaking to me he said, ‘I think you’ve got Parkinson’s disease’.

It frightened me, it really frightened me when I heard about it, but then thankfully the doctor told me about how the medication has progressed, and all the treatment had progressed and that actually people with Parkinson’s can have a good life if they get the medication right and that kind of put hope.

I changed my policy to LV= because LV= seemed better. I always thought that I had life insurance and didn’t realise exactly what the critical illness covered. But it was my Parkinson’s nurse who said maybe I should consider looking. So I looked and it said Parkinson’s so I called up, everyone was really friendly, helpful – I didn’t get passed around. LV= took some details from me and then sent me out the forms – I filled out some forms, sent letters that my neurologist had given me and my nurse had given me.

I had a phone call back a couple of weeks later saying my claim had been successful and I was entitled to a lot of money; a lot more than I thought. They explained that critical illness cover for Parkinson’s if I was diagnosed before 45 it was the amount of money plus, I think it was, half, which was a shock. I cried on the phone!

I was amazed at just how easy the process was and how nice the people were. I thought that from what I heard of insurance companies in the past, I thought was going to be very challenging, that they wouldn’t want to pay out being an insurance company.

Kerry was brilliant! She kept me up to date, she told me what was happening, how the process was going. She said it would take five working days for the money to be there, so one week after the money was there in my account.

That means the money which I would have been paying on a mortgage I can save so that when the time comes for me to, if I need a carer then I’ve got money there that can pay for a carer.

It’s just taken a whole lot of worry off my mind. You know, I know that no matter how bad I get I’m going to have funds to pay for the care that I need.

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