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Now with more enhanced pay-outs for more conditions

Life and Critical Illness

Life changing moments can happen at any time...

While the impact of any of the listed critical illnesses will be life changing for your clients, often they affect older customers or are progressive allowing customers to adapt their lifestyle to prepare ahead of the full impact of their condition.

This isn’t the case when the claim is as a direct result of an accident or early onset of a neurological condition. The financial impact on younger customers can be much more significant and leaves them less time to plan financially for the future.

We have three scenarios where, if your client met the definition criteria, we’ll pay them twice their amount of cover up to a maximum of £200,000 (on top of their cover):

  • For four of our full payment conditions if your client is under 55 years of age at the time they are diagnosed with the illness or condition
  • For ten of our full payment conditions, if the cause of their claim was as a direct result of an accident.
  • If your client has a major organ transplant, liver failure or severe lung disease that meets our definition for one of these full payment conditions

Diagnosis of a specified neurological condition below age 55

For four neurological conditions in the policy, we pay your client twice (200%) the amount of their cover, up to a maximum of £200,000 (on top of their cover). This applies if they’re diagnosed under the age of 55.

  1. Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia – resulting in permanent symptoms.
  2. Motor neurone disease and specified diseases of the motor neurones - resulting in permanent symptoms.
  3. Parkinson’s disease – resulting in permanent symptoms.
  4. Parkinson-plus syndromes – resulting in permanent symptoms.
Case Study - Neurological feature
icon of a head with a heart in it

Mr Smith has taken cover of £100,000; he’s diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at age 38. He’ll receive a payment from us of £200,000.

Mrs Brown, also aged 38 and diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease has cover of £450,000. She'll receive a payment from us of £650,000.

Unique enhanced claim payment for accidents

We have ten full payment conditions where we pay your client twice (200%) the amount of their cover, up to a maximum of £200,000 (on top of their cover). This applies if the claim is as a direct result of an accident. This is also available under children’s cover.

  • Blindness - permanent and irreversible.
  • Brain injury due to trauma, anoxia or hypoxia - resulting in permanent symptoms
  • Coma – with associated permanent symptoms.
  • Deafness – permanent and irreversible.
  • Loss of hand or foot – permanent physical severance.
  • Loss of independent existence – unable to look after yourself ever again.
  • Loss of speech – permanent and irreversible.
  • Paralysis of limb – total and irreversible.
  • Surgical removal of an eyeball.
  • Third degree burns - covering 20% of the body's surface area or affecting 20% of the area of the face or head.
Case Study - Loss of hand - permanent physical severance
icon of a brain

Paul* was cutting wood for his stove when he had an accident and unfortunately cut off his hand. As his loss of limb was due to an accident we paid him double his sum assured and he received a payment of over £140,000.

*This case study is a real claim we paid in 2019, the name is used for illustrative purposes only

Unique Organ enhanced payment

If your client meets the definition of one of the three conditions listed below we'll pay your client twice (200%) the amount of their cover up to a maximum of £200k (on top of their cover):

  • Major organ transplant - from another donor
  • Liver failure
  • Severe lung disease

Our enhanced claim payment for accidents and organ enhanced payments also applies to both our standard and enhanced children's cover. The claim payment is doubled up to a maximum of £50,000, or up to £70,000 with enhanced children's cover.

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