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New child-specific Critical Illness cover made for families

Life and Critical Illness

Critical Illness cover to support your client and their family through life changing moments

Our Life and Critical Illness policy is part of the Flexible Protection Plan, and provides your clients with wide coverage, additional payment options for less severe conditions, and enhanced payments for some conditions.

It pays a lump sum if the person insured dies, or is diagnosed with a serious illness, during the term of the policy, providing financial, emotional and practical support when the unexpected happens.

Standard cover main features

  • Covers 87 conditions including 49 full payment and 38 additional payment conditions (20 of these conditions are covered under 1 additional payment condition – ‘Less advanced cancers’).
  • We offer extensive cancer cover under our 38 additional payment conditions
  • For 17 conditions, your client could receive an enhanced payment of double their cover (up to a maximum of £200,000 on top of their cover amount)
  • Standard Children’s Critical Illness cover is included at no extra cost, protecting the person insured’s children now and any they have in the future from birth to their 23rd birthday, with no requirement to be in full time education
  • For the person insured’s children we’ll pay £5,000 towards the cost of their child’s funeral, if the worst were to happen during the term of the policy
  • To bridge the protection gap we’re offering the person insured’s children within 6 months after their 23rd birthday the option to take out their own policy without the need for medical underwriting – for cover up to a maximum of half the parents cover amount or £25,000
  • LV= Doctor Services included with all LV= Life and Critical Illness policies. This gives clients access to six expert medical services from an app on their smartphone or telephone call
  • We’ll pay the person insured £1,000 in advance of fully assessing their claim if they provide evidence that their diagnosis and proposed treatment meets the criteria for any of the cancers covered by this policy
  • Level, decreasing and inflation-linked cover available
  • Cover available for terms of between 5 to 50 years (max age at expiry of 80 years for level or decreasing cover or 70 years for inflation-linked cover, and min age at entry is 17).
  • Support for your client and their family from the moment they take out their policy through LV= Doctor Services, Member Benefits and 16-23 Member Care Line
  • Standard Children's Critical Illness cover is also available for Business Protection cover

We've introduced Enhanced Children's Cover

To offer more support to your client and their family, Enhanced Children's Cover includes all the features offered as part of our standard Life and Critical Illness cover as well as cover for 10 child-specific conditions, increased child claim payments of up to £35,000 and a £5,000 payment for 6 pregnancy related complications.

Important information

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  • Your client is covered for the conditions listed in the policy conditions and no others
  • If your client stops paying their premiums, they won't get any money back and their cover could stop
  • To make a critical illness claim, the person insured must survive for at least 14 days after being diagnosed (this doesn't apply to claims for children's cover)
  • We won't pay a claim if your client dies as a result of intentionally taking their own life in the first 12 months of the policy
  • We will only pay a claim for one full payment condition for each child on this policy. If we have paid a claim for a full payment condition for that child they are no longer covered under this policy.
  • If your child has children's cover under more than one policy with us the most we would pay out across all of the policies is £50,000 (standard children's cover) or £70,000 (enhanced children's cover) in total.
  • The child’s funeral payment is only payable once per child, no matter how many policies they are covered under. We won’t make a payment if the cause of death was stillbirth (applies to standard cover only)
  • The option for the child to take out a policy without medical underwriting must be used within 6 months of their 23rd birthday, and can’t be used if we’ve already paid a children’s cover claim for that child
  • We will not pay for any of the specified pregnancy complications if the person insured had suffered from or were aware of an increased risk of suffering from a pregnancy complication before their policy started.
  • Receiving the payment of £1,000 to help cover the cost of cancer does not guarantee we’ll go on and pay a claim under one of the cancer conditions under the policy. It doesn’t cover any cancers listed as exclusions in your client’s policy schedule
  • LV Doctors services is a non-contractual benefit and can be withdrawn at any time

Service features

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  • To support your clients' family during a bereavement, we’ll offer an optional £10,000 early payment of the amount of cover (or pay a smaller amount if they prefer) and will aim to pay the money within 24 hours (terms and conditions and exclusions apply). Please speak to your account manager for more information
  • Competitive non-medical underwriting limits
  • Pre-underwriting helpline
  • Dedicated large case team
  • Online tele-interview booking

Product profile

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