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Keeping you updated on our approach to paying claims and stories to demonstrate the true value of your recommendations.

We want to pay claims and be there for your client when it matters. In 2016 we paid, on average, 9 out of every 10 claims.


LV= Protection Pays

August 2017

Expect the unexpected

At LV=, we pay more than £1.6m a week in claims, offering vital financial help to families when they need it most. And there’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ claim, anyone can be affected by accidents, illness or death – regardless of their age or lifestyle.

Not all clients understand the risks and the struggles they may have when the unexpected hits and why the need for protection is important. They’ll simply hope that it won’t happen to them and move on. Our Risk Reality Calculator can put things into perspective and get your clients thinking.

The youngest person to claim on:

A man with some coins stacked next to himA green heart with a heart rate line through itA calendar with 29 displayed on it

Life Insurance

Was 23 years old

Income Protection

Was 20 years old

Combined Life and Critical illness

Was 26 years old

Our longest Income protection claim

Ended in 2016 and was in payment for 29 years 4 months with a total payment just over £76,000.

Critical Illness

Our Critical illness covers a wide range of conditions with full payments, giving a greater chance a claim will be paid. The reason our cover is comprehensive is a combination of the following features:

Green icons of some medicine, a mobile phone and a speech bubble

Our Second Opinion service is there to review a diagnosis, help clarify any unanswered questions and to help your clients understand the treatment options available.

A stethoscope and clipboard

We’ll pay a claim on a clinical diagnosis rather than a requirement for permanent symptoms or invasive surgery.

A wallet with cash notes sticking out of the top

James was eligible for our enhanced neurological payment feature because he was diagnosed under the age of 45. To find out how the enhanced payment helped James, visit

2 moneybags with the £ sign on

We’ll pay out twice a client’s original cover up to an additional £200,000.

Customer feedback

Thank you for the good news, I very much appreciate such a speedy response. I will definitely recommend LV= to friends, as your service has been smooth during this difficult time for me.

Miss K, daughter of life customer

Early payment on death

At LV=, claims are more than just numbers – supporting and looking after customers is just as important as the money we pay. To support families during a bereavement, we’ll offer an optional £10,000 early payment (or pay a smaller amount if they prefer) on qualifying life insurance policies. We’ll make the process as easy as possible by asking just a few basic questions – and will aim to pay the money within 24 hours.

An elderly lady

In May, we were notified by a financial adviser that one of his clients (Mr K) had sadly passed away. Mr K had held an LV= Life policy for over 20 years before his passing. Once notified of Mr K’s death we offered his wife an early £10,000 payment, helping her cover unexpected costs whilst her probate application was being processed (this takes 14 days on average once the registry receives the application).

If families opt for the LV= early payment, they can choose how they spend the money, such as:

  • mortgage payments
  • bills
  • spending time with the family
  • funeral costs

Read more about early payment on death or speak to your LV= Account Manager.

Fracture cover claim

A man with a fractured arm

Fracture cover is automatically included in our FPP Income Protection policy. Unlike other products in the market, fracture cover isn’t an ‘optional extra’ (or separate policy) and clients don’t have to pay a separate premium. We’ve recently paid a fracture cover claim to a Dental Nurse who, unfortunately, fell down the stairs and fractured his wrist. We paid £1,000 under the policy within a week of receiving the claim form and medical evidence. Mr S only took out his policy two months before making the claim – proving illness and accident can happen at any time.

To find out more about our fracture cover and other additional features visit or speak to your LV= Account Manager.

Rehab case study:

Mr C – his road back to full-time work

A photograph of a man

You may remember Mr C from our rehab case study in the last edition of Protection Pays.

Mr C is well on his way to recovery and is currently sourcing a work van with the help of our Rehabilitation Manager – Andrea Fields (without a van, he’s restricted in the amount of work he can take on). Mr C still remains very positive and motivated to get back to work full-time and we will continue helping him each step of the way.

Watch out for our next edition of Protection Pays to follow Mr C’s story back to full time work.

Thank you for such a great service - it’s a real worry wondering how you’re going to pay the bills.

Mr W, Personal Sick Pay customer

Protection Pays is our regular bulletin you can use with clients to bring to life the support available at claim – and why protection is so important.

Download our client-facing version of Protection Pays which you can share with clients to support your protection recommendations.

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