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Business has changed over the years - that’s why we’re refreshing business protection to fit today’s small and medium sized enterprises.

Free business legal advice and tax guidance for your business protection clients

Easy-to-use tools and calculators for you and clients

Business Protection

Business Protection calculators

There are a number of things you need to consider when recommending Business Protection, including:

  • The risk of someone crucial to the business dying unexpectedly, or being diagnosed with a serious illness.
  • The market value of the business.
  • A key person’s influence on profits.

To help make things easier for you (and your clients) we’ve created a range of calculators.

Key Person calculator

Key Person calculator

Uses a key person's contribution to the business profits to help you work out the right amount of cover.

Try our Key Person calculator

Premium Equaliser calculator

Premium Equalisation calculator

Works out how to fairly split the total cost of cover between the shareholders or partners, relative to the benefits they stand to gain.

Try our Premium Equalisation calculator

Relevant life cover

Relevant Life Cover calculator

Suggests cover amount and demonstrates the savings your client could make compared to a personal life insurance policy.

Try our Relevant Life Cover calculator

Business Risk calculator

Business Risk calculator

Demonstrates how likely health issues of key employees and business owners will affect their business.

Try our Business Risk calculator

Business valuation calculator

Business Valuation calculator

Shows the potential value of a business (based on average net profits, net assets and a profit multiplier).

Try our Business Valuation calculator

Each calculator generates a personalised report you can share with your clients.

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