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We're proud to support 7 Families, a charity led campaign designed to raise public awareness

7 Families

A family outside their home with the mother in a wheelchair

About 7 Families

7 Families is a charity-led campaign designed to raise public awareness of the financial impact of long term illness or disability.

Through Disability Rights UK, LV= and other leading financial services and support organisations are providing financial and practical/counselling support for one year to the breadwinners of seven families who are currently unable to work through ill health or as a result on an accident.

The campaign objectives

The Seven Families campaign objectives are to:

  1. raise public awareness of the financial impact of long terms illness or disability
  2. help real families who are facing financial meltdown
  3. show the impact of rehab and counselling through trying to get people back to work.

7 Families and you

There is one insurance product that every working person should have, but most don’t - Income Protection. Yet, only 3 million people have some form of Income Protection in the UK, either individually or through their employer. Around 100,000 new individual income protection policies are sold every year.

Increasing awareness
7 Families is consumer focused campaign designed to raise awareness, with a dedicated website and is supported by a range of online tools including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You can share links, news and stories with your prospective and existing clients.
Real human stories
In an LV= survey of advisers (Nov 2014), almost 50% of respondents said they were interested in sales aids and tools to help explain the importance of income protection. Seven Families offers real stories and content that you can use to highlight the financial consequences of ill health or accident, and value of the financial and supportive benefits of income protection.
Financial support
7 Families has a Just Giving page for any companies or individuals who wish to provide additional support for the project.

Find out more about Seven Families

You can find out more about the Seven Families campaign at the dedicated website,

LV=, County Gates, Bournemouth, BH1 2NF, UK