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Speeding offences up 20% in two years - and drivers fear for safety as Government puts brakes on police funding

  • Police forces record an average of 56,000 speeding offences in 2015 – up 20% in two years
  • The Cheshire stretch of the M6 is Britain’s top speed zone with 12,442 speeding offences in 2015, data obtained under FOI Act reveals
  • Britain's oldest speeder revealed to be a 103-year-old motorist in Wales
  • Two thirds of drivers fear road safety will suffer as a result of police funding cuts

The number of speeding offences recorded by British police forces has gone up by 20% in just two years.

Figures show that 2015 was a bumper year for speeding offences, according to data obtained by LV= car insurance through Freedom of Information Act requests to Police forces across Britain.

Police forces recorded an average of 56,080 speeding offences each last year – a 20% rise on the average of 46,905 per force recorded in 2013. The average number of offences recorded by forces in 2014 was 52,028, meaning an 8% year-on-year rise in 2015 [1].

Cheshire Police recorded 12,442 speeding offences alone on the M6 in 2015, making it Britain’s top speeding zone. [See Table 1]

Table 1: Top speeding hotspots 2015 [2]

Rank Road Speeders Recorded Police Force
 1  M6  12,442  Cheshire Constabulary
 2  M25 Junction 5  12,330  Kent Police
 3  Scotland Road, Liverpool
 11,760  Merseyside Police
 4  M6 Toll Road
 10,858  Warwickshire Police
 5  A358  10,338  Avon and Somerset Police

However, Cheshire Police caught Britain's fastest speed offender last year. They recorded a driver travelling 147mph on the A556 dual carriageway. [See Table 2]

Table 2: Fastest drivers caught by forces 2015 [3]

Rank Speed Location Police Force
1 147mph
A556 Cheshire Constabulary
2 144mph
Hampshire Constabulary
3 142mph M25 Kent Police
4 142mph A1 Lincolnshire Police
5 142mph A4146
Thames Valley Police

Forces across Britain reported catching drivers in their 90s breaking speed limits, but Britain's oldest speeding offender in 2015 was a 103-year-old driver. The motorist was recorded by North Wales Police doing 36mph in a 30mph zone. [See Table 3]

Table 3: Oldest drivers caught by forces in 2015 [4]

Rank Age of Driver Police Force
1 103 North Wales Police
2 98 Norfolk Constabulary
=2 98 Lancashire Police
4 97 Avon and Somerset Constabulary
5 96 Bedfordshire Police
=5 96 Cambridgeshire Constabulary
=5 96 Thames Valley Police
=5 96  Kent Police

Reported Government cuts to Police funding have had a significant impact on Brits' confidence with regard to road safety. Nearly two thirds of adults (62%) fear that road safety will suffer due to reported funding cuts, LV= research shows. These fears are highest in the North West (67%) and Scotland (66%) [5].

Over 1.2 million people attended speed awareness courses provided by National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) in 2015 [6]. However, only six out of 10 (60%) speeders who attended an awareness course felt it changed their attitude towards speeding, while 24% said course content needed to change. Indeed, one in four motorists (23%) who took a course feel they are money-spinning activities [7].

LV= car insurance data shows that drivers with a speeding conviction are 25% more likely to make a claim on their car insurance than those without. That increases to 53% if you have more than one speeding conviction. With speed a key factor in road incidents, LV= is advising motorists to keep speed limits in mind when driving.

"Our data shows that speed is one of the major risk factors for the safety of motorists and these Police figures prove that it's rife across the UK. So many of the tragic accidents that happen on our roads are avoidable so we want to urge motorists to stick to speed limits for their own safety and the safety of others. Safe driving saves lives."

Selwyn Fernandes, Managing Director of LV= car insurance


Notes to editors: 

LV= commissioned ICM Research to conduct omnibus research among a sample of 4,037 British adults. Surveys were conducted in January 2016.

A Freedom of Information request was sent to all 45 Police constabularies in England, Wales, and Scotland, of which 27 (60%) had provided data at the time of compiling.

  1. Source: Police FOI data. The average force recorded 56,080 speeding offences in 2015, compared to an average of 46,905 in 2013, which represents a 19.6% increase over two years. The figure for 2014 was 52,028.
  2. Source: Police FOI data.
  3. Source: Police FOI data.
  4. Source: Police FOI data.
  5. Source: ICM. Of 4,027 British adults asked if they thought road safety would suffer as a result of cuts to Police funding, 62% (representative of 29.5 million adults) said yes, that it would suffer, while 38% thought that it would not suffer.
  6. Source: NDORS. Altogether, over 1.2 million people took NDORS’ National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC) or National Speed Awareness Course for 20mph (NSAC+20) in 2015.
  7. Source: ICM. Of 4,027 British adults surveyed, 312 had attended a speed awareness course. Of this number, 60% said it “helped to change their attitude to speeding”, 24% said that “the speed awareness course is good in theory but the content of the course needs to be changed to make it more effective”, and 23% said “speed awareness courses are just a money- spinner

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