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In for a penny…

Several generations have passed since we started out as Liverpool Victoria in 1843. But one thing that hasn’t changed is how much we care about all our members. That’s why we want to find members, or their loved ones, who we’ve lost contact with over the years, and especially those who had policies before 1994.

Over 175 years ago, we began by helping people to put away a halfpenny or one penny a week to cover the cost of a funeral, as the Liverpool Independent Legal Victoria Burial Society. These became commonly known as penny policies. 

This progressed to offering other policies such as whole of life, savings and endowment policies. These were often sold by door-to-door agents, who came regularly to visit their customers to collect a premium, or were bought directly in a Liverpool Victoria branch.   

These policies are ‘paid up’, so no premiums have been collected on these policies for many years. This can mean that sometimes we can lose touch, particularly where our member has moved house, or even died, and we hadn’t been told. Even when our member hasn’t moved house, sometimes the penny policies were collected in groups and full details weren’t held, so this may still be the case.

As a mutual, LV= values are of shared ownership, community and doing the right thing. So we want to take this opportunity to reach out and try to reconnect with lost members or their families and reunite them with their lost policies. If they were there in our past they’re just as important to our future too. 

We launched a campaign a few weeks ago to reconnect members with their lost policies, and so far more than 600 people have got back in touch with us. But we know there are many more out there that we want to speak to. 

If you think you or a loved one might have had an old policy and you haven’t heard from us for a while, you could still be a member and could be owed some money.

I’d urge everyone to have a look back through old documents and check with your family if they could have been Liverpool Victoria customers. You might find an old premium receipt book or policy document lying around and if you find relevant information, then come and speak to us.

To track down an LV= policy, please visit or call 0800 756 8572.

John Perks, Managing Director at LV=

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