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More Brits popping the question abroad

Press release: 12/06/2015

  • 150,000 Brits proposed to their loved one while on holiday on last year
  • The top five most popular overseas cities to pop the question are Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando and Venice
  • Close to two thirds of those who take the ring abroad with them do not get it insured before they travel

More Brits are venturing further afield to get down on one knee.

New research from LV= travel insurance reveals that an increasing number of Brits are travelling abroad to propose to their significant other. There has been a 39% rise in the number of Brits popping the question in another country over the past decade - with more than 150,000 doing so last year alone [1].

Some Brits travel further than others to get down on one knee. Over the past decade, the most popular countries for Brits to propose in Europe include France (196,542), Italy (117,603) and Spain (101,493), while others venture as far as India (74,106) and Australia (37,053). Romantics' favourite, Paris (159,489) tops the list as the most popular city to propose in, followed by New York (101,493), Las Vegas (48,330), Orlando (32,220) and Venice (20,943).

Most choose their overseas location because it is particularly beautiful (43%) or romantic (42%) - while one in seven (14%) take their partner to somewhere they have always talked about going as a couple, and 12% return to where they spent their first holiday together to pop the question.

Those who propose within the UK are the extreme opposite. According to the LV= research, one in three (33%) don't even leave their own home to pop the question, let alone the country (33%).

A proposal is nerve-wracking regardless of the location. Brits were most concerned about what to say (39%) and deciding the actual time and place to propose (25%). However, for some who proposed overseas, logistical worries such as getting the ring through security (9%) or the ring getting damaged in transit (7%) topped their fears.

The research shows that the average engagement ring that is taken overseas is worth around £1,800 [2]. Although more than half (51%) of Brits who propose abroad take the ring with them, close to two thirds (63%) fail to get the ring insured before they travel. Of these, 37% did not know they had to insure the ring and 22% thought it would be covered by their standard travel insurance policy. One in ten (11%) did not get the ring insured as they didn't want to run the risk of their partner finding out ahead of the holiday, while others simply ‘forgot' (7%) or ran out of time (7%). A further 22% also found themselves without insurance as they choose to buy the ring during the holiday on which they propose. Anyone taking valuables outside of the home, whether home or abroad, should ensure they are covered under their home insurance policy which is designed to cover high value items, such as engagement rings.

Over the past 10 years, around 32,220 [3] of those who have proposed in a foreign country accidentally damaged the ring and a further 20,943 [4] had the ring stolen during their trip.

LV= is today encouraging those planning to propose abroad to make sure they have insurance in place, so if the ring is lost or damaged they won't be out of pocket.

Planning a proposal can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time, and as such it is easy to let things slip when it comes to insurance. But if you are planning to take the ring away with you to pop the question it is vital to make sure you insure it and always keep valuables on your person, not in hold luggage.

Selwyn Fernandes, Managing Director of LV= travel insurance

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Bespoke research was conducted among 603 Brits who have proposed in the past 10 years - of whom, 303 had proposed abroad. This research was conducted by PCP Research during May and June 2015.

The research also involved omnibus research conducted by ICM Unlimited. ICM asked a representative sample of 2,009 Britons if they had proposed abroad in the past 10 years. This research was conducted between 28 and 31 May 2015.

  1. Source: PCP. 1,611,000 British men have proposed abroad in the past 10 years. 9.6% of those proposed in 2014 - equating to 154,656. 6.9% proposed in 2005 - equating to 111,159.
  2. Source: PCP. The average engagement ring is worth £1,765.
  3. Source: PCP. 2% of those who proposed abroad in the past 10 years have damaged the ring. Using the base in footnote 1, this equates to 32,220.
  4. Source: PCP. 1.3% of those who proposed abroad in the past 10 years had the ring stolen. Using the base in footnote 1, this equates to 20,943.


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