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Anxious Investors may Regret Missed Investment Opportunity

Press release: 10/03/2009

  • 15.8 million Brits see today’s markets as a good investment opportunity.

  • But only one in seven are currently considering investing in the stock market.

  • LV= urges investors to spread the risk and not squander ISA allowance.

New research [1] from mutual insurance and investment group LV= reveals that 15.8 million Brits (33%) [2] expect to look back on this period as a good time to have invested in the stock market. Despite this, just 3% of adults currently have definite plans to invest in the stock market and only a further one in ten people (11%) are considering the option. The majority (83%) say they have no plans to invest in the stock market.

LV= is concerned that, through anxiety and lack of action, many people will squander this year’s potentially valuable tax-free ISA allowance as well as the potential for significant long-term gains on their investments.

Current investors

Nearly one in three (29%) current investors are planning to put more money into the stock market, however this figure is low in comparison with the 47% of investors who feel that this period will be remembered as a strong investment opportunity. Six out of ten current investors (60%) have no plans to review their existing portfolio despite the current low markets and the forthcoming 5 April ISA deadline.

Robin Willison, LV= Financial Advice Director, said: “Given the continuing volatility in global markets, investors could be forgiven for not having courage of their convictions. However, we want to remind investors who have not used this year’s ISA allowance that they will lose it forever if they don’t invest before the deadline.

“Investing in the stock market is a decision for the long-term, and canny investors can shape their portfolio to match the level of risk they are prepared to take with their money. More risk-averse investors will probably want to spread their risk by investing across a range of asset classes, and this balance is most easily achieved through managed funds. Naturally investors should also consider taking financial advice wherever appropriate.”

Would-be investors

Of all those considering investing, over half (56%) are driven by a sense that shares are currently undervalued, whilst one in three (37%) are simply looking for higher returns than they could make from a cash deposit account. A further third (33%) say they are not worried by short-term market movements, and 30% recognise that the best time to invest is often precisely when others are shying away from the markets.

Despite being only weeks away from the end of the tax year, just four in ten (40%) of those who are considering investing plan to invest in the stock market through an ISA. A similar number (41%) intend to invest directly in individual stocks and shares rather than through managed funds. Worryingly, only one in three (34%) intend to seek financial advice on their investment options before committing their money to the stock market.

ISA fund options for different risk levels

LV= has just launched three new ISA ‘multi manager' fund options, designed to appeal to a range of investors according to their individual needs and the amount of risk they are prepared to take. Rather than investing directly into stocks, shares and bonds, the new LV= ISA fund options give investors ready-made investment portfolios made up of different funds from established investment managers, such as Artemis, Fidelity, Jupiter and M&G.

  • The LV= Diversified Income ISA fund aims to produce an attractive level of income, together with the potential for capital growth over the long-term at lower risk. By investing in a broad range of equity, fixed interest and alternative investment funds, the LV= fund achieves a high level of diversification, to generate income and spread risk.

  • The LV= Balanced Managed ISA fund is invested in equity and fixed interest funds and is aimed at delivering long-term capital growth for investors who are prepared to accept a greater level of risk than with the LV= Diversified Income ISA fund.

  • The LV= Stockmarket ISA fund invests heavily in UK and global equity funds, with the aim of generating long-term capital growth, for investors who are prepared to accept a greater level of risk than with the LV= Balanced Managed ISA fund.

The LV= Balanced Managed and LV= Stockmarket Funds have been awarded ‘A’ Fund Management Ratings by Standard and Poor’s (S&P). S&P’s Fund Management Ratings are designed to help investors find higher quality funds that measure up well against their competitors in different fund management sectors.

All three new ISA options are available from and investors buying online this tax year, before 5 April 2009, will receive a three percent online discount from the initial charge of five percent, paying just two percent. The minimum investment is £100 monthly or a lump sum of £1,000.


[1] Opinium Research carried out an online poll of 2,386 British adults from Friday 27 February to Tuesday 3 March 2009. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.

[2] Adult UK population is 47,864,300 (Source: ONS Population estimates, mid-2007). 33% of the UK adult population equates to 15,795,219 people.


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