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LV= comments on the effect of deflation on annuities

Press release: 27/03/2015

LV= confirms RPI-linked annuity customers will not see a reduction in income in the event of deflation:

John Perks, Managing Director of LV= Retirement Solutions says:

“Some of our annuity products incorporate index-linking, and where the income is specifically linked to RPI, it would normally be expected to reduce in line with deflation. However, we have no plans to do this. Whilst we always keep the situation under review we are pleased to confirm that none of our annuitants will experience a decrease in income as a result of near future deflation announcements.”

“We currently believe that living costs for pensioners are not falling as fast as the RPI index indicates, and this has reinforced our decision not to reduce the income of any of our annuity customers in the current environment.”