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Clare Lunn (LV= Fraud Director) blog

Press release: 22/09/2017

How to protect yourself and your motorbike on London’s streets

Motorbike and moped theft is a growing issue in London. Congestion charges, busy streets and space being at a premium has contributed to more two-wheeled vehicles on the road, and as a result criminals are striking more frequently. In April 2017 the Metropolitan Police dealt with 1,500 stolen mopeds and these bikes were then often used in connection with 2,500 further crimes. Drive-by thefts, muggings and acid attacks are becoming all too common on London’s streets.

Recently, a small number of insurers, including LV=, met with the metropolitan police and MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association) to discuss how to help end this crime wave and consider steps to help motorbike and moped owners. Many options were discussed, but most centred around preventing the theft of the bike occurring. Statistics show that the vast majority of moped thefts are of parked and unattended bikes, so there are some simple steps that can be followed to reduce the risk of loss.

Preventative security is key. The more effort a thief has to put in to taking a bike, the more likely they are to abandon an attempt. While manufacturers discuss the potential of smarter security, immobilisers and more robust steering locks, the Mayor’s Office are considering the implementation of more ground anchors in car parks and public spaces.

To prevent bikes being stolen, they need to be properly secured. Just a small investment of money and time could dramatically reduce the chance of a bike being stolen. We’ve compiled some top tips to help owners look after their motorbikes and mopeds:

  • Always use the steering lock
  • Park under CCTV where possible
  • Secure your bike to a solid object
  • Park in a well-lit busy area
  • Use a Thatcham approved alarmed padlock
  • Use heavy chains both front and back
  • Install a tracking device

Owners need to be more aware of the problem and how they can try to prevent it. A thief will only need a few minutes with an unattended bike if it’s not properly secured. We would always recommend securing bikes thoroughly whenever they are left alone, not only to stop thieves but this also makes sure that the owner is not invalidating the terms of their insurance cover.

There is a complete listing of all insurance industry approved security systems for power two wheels/quadricycles available on the Thatcham website.

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