Confident communities 

Confident communities

What we did

We protect the things that people love, but we’re also hugely passionate about helping people to do the things they love. You could say we’re on a bit of a mission to help make the UK a more confident place, so that’s why we partnered with the UK’s number one crowdfunding website Crowdfunder.

In February 2018, we ran a 24-hour campaign to search for ideas to help build confidence in the community or that would support people to live their lives with more confidence. Our winners all received coaching from Crowdfunder to get them ready for their campaign and not only that, we gave them £1,000 to start their campaign with a bang.


Who won £1,000?

Check out our 10 winners:

Organic Blooms, South Gloucestershire

The Organic Blooms campaign harnesses the power of plants to benefit the most vulnerable in our community. Our organic flower farm near Bristol provides a safe place for healing, training and work for 35 people who have learning difficulties or mental health support needs. But - we are running out of space! The queue for the loo is too long and the demand for our flowers exceeds supply! We are crowdfunding for a workshop, polytunnel and toilet block to meet this demand and provide  more jobs for our amazing workers.

Company of Makers, Portsmouth

At Company of Makers, we give military uniforms a new lease of life by remaking them into cushions, bags and aprons. Proceeds from sales enable us to deliver workshops for ex-Service personnel struggling on ‘Civvy Street’. We need to find, and fit out, a larger base of operations to meet increasing demand. This will enable us to employ more makers and store more uniforms, and thereby help more former members of the UK Armed Forces.

Pianodrome, Edinburgh

We are building a 100-seater amphitheatre entirely from 40 discarded pianos. Five playable pianos inspire interaction, with the remaining 35 pianos forming tiered seating around a central stage – all covered by a geodesic dome tent. The Pianodrome will become a community performance hub, playable sculpture, gig venue and theatre.

Foundation for Change, London

Our mission at Foundation for Change is to bring a fresh, positive and innovative approach to recovery from drugs or alcohol. We want to launch a monthly group in Shoreditch, London, to bring together charities and businesses in a space that is predicated on innovation, collaboration and creation! The money will be spent on designing and printing exciting publicity material that invitees will be not only excited to receive but pass on. We have sourced a free venue at the Ace Hotel, Shoreditch and are excited to make these events happen!

An Hour for Others, Liverpool

Volunteers offer us time, skills, goods, resources, event tickets, hotel stays or anything they can to give back to the most disadvantaged and deserving families and individuals in Liverpool. We have refurbished rooms, sent hundreds of children to events, and also run health and well-being groups from our hub to empower local people in Anfield to lead a healthier life. At An Hour for Others we have already created so much positivity in Liverpool and this funding would help so much to move us forward even more.

More than a Face, Stoke-on-Trent

A unique charity to educate young people on facial disfigurement (which our son has) through ‘inspirational, hard hitting and powerful’ school assemblies & workshops. Creating awareness & understanding to foster acceptance & empathy in this generation and the next. We’re passionate about showing society that people are so much More Than A Face and encouraging others to see people for who they are and not just what they look like.

Bravehound, Scotland

BRAVEHOUND provides dogs and training for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Our idea is to organise a series of public events, dog shows, doggie coffee mornings and walks, with structured support so that veterans can demonstrate the skills of their Bravehound dogs. This will help the veterans to grow in confidence, feel part of the community and for everyone to have fun together.

New Day Knitwear, Cornwall

We sell DIY crochet and knit kits that raise awareness and encourage self-expression, creativity and craft as a tool to increase positive mental health and wellbeing. As a social enterprise we reinvest our profits back into The New Day Knitwear Project that offers workshops, peer groups and events to build a creative and supportive community. We provide work and volunteer opportunities to individuals with lived mental health experiences through design collaborations, production marketing and facilitating The NDK Project groups. Our mission is for you to love yourself, express yourself and be yourself.

The Trackside Project, Leamington Spa

The Trackside project will convert a disused railway viaduct into a community energy and community food project. Solar PV and revolutionary waste to energy technology will power the classroom, kitchen and greenhouse. Associated craft workshops will provide back to work employment for homeless and disadvantaged adults utilising pallets as feed stock for creating community garden compost boxes and raised beds.


MAKE:DO’s mission is to build confidence, self-worth and a sense of achievement in disadvantaged and disaffected young people. Through large-scale arts and engineering projects that encourage young people to “think outside the box” and challenge the status quo, we design meaningful and creative learning opportunities promoting collaboration, creativity and curiosity. We are particularly passionate about levelling the playing field and providing opportunities for at-risk young people and those not in education, employment or training, to get excited about making.