Soap far, so good

Spotlight on: Social Enterprise BECO

2 minutes

As well as WildHearts, we’ve been trialling a new soap supplier, who are also a social enterprise in our Bournemouth offices.

The soap is made by BECO, a social enterprise, where 80% of the staff have a visual impairment, are disabled or disadvantaged.

They’re environmentally conscious too! Their foaming soap uses less water and it’s hypoallergenic, vegan and paraben free. They don’t test on animals and their packaging is fully recyclable. They also have a low carbon footprint by sourcing all their ingredients and manufacturing in the UK.

The parent company, CLARITY Employment for Blind People, is a registered charity and one of the UK’s foremost social enterprises, as it’s been employing, training and supporting people with disabilities since 1854. That’s almost as long as we’ve been around.

We’ve been trialling their products since August and will be looking to roll them out to our other sites in the near future.