Mark Jewell

A Green Heart Support story

5 minutes

After suffering from a prolapsed disc in May 2016, Mark’s world was turned upside down. We’d like to share his story and how we were able to support Mark through our Green Heart support.

Meet Mark

After his injury, Mark was unable to return to work as a forestry and countryside contract manager due to the manual nature of his job and was at a loss as to what to do next. Mark spent a year hoping he would be able to return to his old job, but the reality that this would no longer be an option eventually set in.

Mark held income protection insurance with us which supported him through this time. In addition to a financial pay out each month, his policy included treatment from a certified occupational therapist to help him regain his strength and movement. As well as the physical support, the therapist also offered a sympathetic ear. Mark had been considering a career in woodworking and, after discussing with his therapist whether this was possible with his injury, he decided to go for it.

He enrolled on self-funded courses to gain the skills he needed to start up his own woodwork business. This was a big career change for Mark and he needed new equipment to get the business off the ground. As his policy with us made him a member of LV=, he decided to apply for support from our Green Heart Support initiative which was established in 2017 and aims to help customers and members who are going through a particularly difficult time.

After my injury, my whole world changed. Not only did I face personal challenges, but I also embarked on a completely new career change.

Mark Jewell

After pitching his case to us in November 2017, we awarded Mark over £2,000 to support him with setting up his exciting new business.

Although moving into woodwork was a huge professional and lifestyle change, Mark is feeling confident about his future. After a year of uncertainty about how he would ever return to work, he can now see a positive path and our support means Mark has been able to pursue this new venture. Woodworking keeps Mark in contact with his old colleagues and he still loves working with his hands. Staying active helped Mark manage his injury, meaning a manual job is much better suited to him than working at a desk all day. He now works in a controlled environment and has the freedom to manage his workload. He says that seeing the transformation of a tree into a beautiful finished product fills him with pride.

Through ties with his old colleagues, Mark secured a lucrative six-month contract to get his business off to a flying start and the business is growing steadily. Without the investment from us this would’ve been unlikely. He’s building a portfolio of impressive work and a list of clients, and has completed a project for the National Trust.
Mark said; “After my injury, my whole world changed. Not only did I face personal challenges, but I also embarked on a completely new career-change, which was extremely daunting. The support LV= provided was invaluable. It gave me the necessary funds to ensure my business had the best start to making it a success.”

“To anyone considering a career change, or setting up on their own, the best thing to do is to keep positive and seek support when you need it. Budget well and continue to learn as you go. I now have an exciting future ahead of me and I can’t wait to progress.”