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175 anniversary badge with five cupcakes lined up next to it

This year marks a big milestone for us – we’ve been going for 175 years!

On 3 March 1843 a business venture was launched that had the strongest of social implications. The first official meeting of the Liverpool Independent Legal Victoria Burial Society took place at 37 Blake Street, Liverpool, the home of William Fenton. William, a 36-year-old customs officer, along with his associates, sought a way to persuade people in Liverpool to protect themselves, and their loved ones, from some of life’s catastrophes.

Throughout our 175 years, we’ve stayed true to our mutual roots and believe it’s just as important today as it was back in 1843. Not only that, our purpose now reflects our early beginnings as it seeks to make more people, more confident, more of the time.

Our Journey

Watch our video to take a trip back in time or read about our beginnings and more.


Spring 1843, a business venture was launched that had the strongest of social implications.

The Liverpool Independent Legal Victoria Burial Society was born at 37 Blake Street, Liverpool.

The owner was William Fenton, a 36-year-old customs officer.

The great object of this Society is to afford the poorer classes of community, the means of providing for themselves, and their children a decent interment, at the trifling expense of a half-penny, a penny or three pence a week.

A team of agents going door-to-door.

Surplus assets covered stationary, coal and candles.

1868 expansion to new Liverpool offices, an old boarding house at 23 Islington was purchased for £2,000, where William Fenton was provided with free residence, coal and taxes.

1883 over 2,000 employees.

1914 the outbreak of war and the Society is getting prepared for action.

1917 28,020 claims amounting to £393,030 paid in respect of soldiers and sailors who have died on active service.

1930 The grand offices of Victoria House in Bloomsbury Square, London become the head office.

1939-1945 12,387 staff at Head Office, looking after over 13 million policies.

Older members of staff shouldered the burden of an ever-increasing workload as their younger colleagues were called up.

Only two employees chose to evacuate the London office.

The Liverpool Victoria fire brigade covered 12-hour shifts, maintaining non-stop protection around the clock lasting six strenuous years and dealt with two incendiary bombs and a high-explosive bomb which hit Victoria House.

4,000 employees absent on active service. Many of the 3,000 temporary women collectors were their wives.

1970 The World Snooker Championships were held at head office.

1980 The mainframe computer.

1994 Raising the flag revealing a new brand identity (a hen protecting its young).

1996 Liverpool Victoria takes over the Frizzell Group, moves out of Bloomsbury Square in London and relocates its Head Office to Bournemouth.

2007 A new era in the launch of a more vibrant and modern brand, a new logo and the iconic green heart.

Acquisitions: ABC insurance, LV= Britannia Rescue, Highway, Wealth Wizards, Teachers Assurance.

A few defining moments

Old photograph of the 1970 World Snooker Championship

The 1970 World Snooker Championships were staged at our grand head office in Bloomsbury Square, London.

Frizzell House building

Following the acquisition of the Frizzell Group, we moved out of London and into the Frizzell campus of offices in Bournemouth – launching into a whole new market – general insurance.

A new era dawned thanks to the defining moment when we re-branded to LV= and the appearance of our famous green heart, spearheading a huge growth spurt and the rise of new partnerships and acquisitions.

LV= Liverpool victoria
Image of a lime green heart

Have you had a policy for years and years?

To celebrate our 175th year, we'd love to hear from our longest standing customers. We recently spoke to a customer who has been with us for over 50 years and we know there are thousands more out there.

If you or your family have been with LV= for decades we want to hear your story. Simply fill in a short form to tell us about your journey with LV=.

Photograph of our founding members

Take a look at our history to discover more about our heritage and mutual roots.

Confidence Matters Report

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We want to help people live bigger more confident lives, just like our ancestors set out to do.

Read our report which reveals the things that impact the confidence of people in the UK today.