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Life Insurance with Critical Illness

Our life with critical illness cover can pay a lump sum if you die or suffer a critical illness

  • With 64 critical illnesses covered, we’re one of the market leaders
  • Up to £25,000 children’s critical illness cover included at no extra cost
  • We pay claims quickly – and you can use your lump sum how you want

Making a critical illness claim

We're here to pay claims, not wriggle out of them. Read about what your family should do in the unfortunate event of a critical illness claim.

What do I have to do first?

  • Contact us as soon as possible - you can call, write or email, whichever suits you best.
  • We'll then post a claims pack to you within 24 hours.
  • We'll make things as easy and straightforward as possible for you and guide you through the process.

You can watch our 'How to make a claim' video, which will guide you through each step.

Ways to contact us

  • Call our Claims Department on 0800 756 5869
    For Textphone call 18001 0800 756 5869
    If you're calling from overseas, you can contact our UK based claims team on +44 1392 366 685
    Lines are open: 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Write to us: Health Claims, LV=, Pynes Hill House, Rydon Lane, Exeter, EX2 5SP
  • E-mail us:

Frequently asked life insurance with critical illness claims questions

Why have you asked to see the birth certificate or passport?

We need to confirm the date of birth of the person insured to make sure that he or she has been paying the correct premium.

What is your response time to enquiries?

We do our best to respond to any enquiries as quickly as possible, but depending on the type of your enquiry, it may take us up to five days to get back to you.

Does an original death certificate have to be sent in?

Yes. For every death claim we would prefer to receive an original certificate. If this presents any difficulties we can accept a Standard Verification Form completed by a solicitor.

How long does it take to receive the payment?

We aim to send out payment cheques within three days of receiving the final piece of paperwork required.

What is non-disclosure?

We won't pay on some plans or may reduce the amount we pay if the person insured hasn't told us relevant information about their health or lifestyle. If the application was completed truthfully and accurately then there won't be any problems. If you'd like a copy of your application form then please ask.

When won't you pay a claim?

We wish we could pay out 100% of claims, but there are cases when we're unable to make payment, for example if the claim is fraudulent or there is non-disclosure. If we didn't operate a responsible policy in paying out claims, the cost of cover for everyone would become prohibitively expensive. Rest assured that we judge all claims on a case by case basis.

How soon after the death should you be told?

The family of the deceased should let us know as soon as possible. The sooner that they tell us, the sooner we can start work on the claim and, as long as it's covered by the policy, pay the claim.

What if a claim is fraudulent?

We won't pay a claim if we find out that it's fraudulent, for example if the insured person hasn't really died.

What happens if I don't pay my premiums?

In most cases your cover will stop and your policy will be cancelled if you stop paying your premiums for your policy.

What happens if the cover term has finished?

We won't pay if the term of the plan has finished or if the plan has been cancelled. For example, if a life plan is taken out to cover the length of a mortgage and the person holding the plan dies after the term has finished, you won't be able to claim.

What if a claim doesn't meet the definitions detailed in the plan conditions?

We won't pay if the claim does not meet our definition of what a claim is under the plan.

A real life story

Paul shares his experience with us.

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